Wednesday, October 23, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: The Evil Dead (1981)

Hello, Bloggers, here is my second review of the day, and for this review, I decided to do the original version of one of the horror remakes that came out this year, and that is, in my opinion, the ultimate cabin-in-the-woods movie, the original cult hit The Evil Dead that came out back in 1981.

                      The Evil Dead is about five friends who go off to a cabin in the woods out in Tennessee. Once they discover the Book of the Dead, that is when all hell breaks in loose and they are being possessed one by one.

                       What I Liked About It:
                     One thing that I thought was amazing was how this film was shot on such a limited budget, of about $350 to $400,000 dollars, and the effects are still fantastic. Thinking about how this film's budget is, it definitely didn't feel that way, so I feel Evil Dead contributes to the idea that even though much of the blood and monsters are showcased, you can still do so much with so little. I think it would be amazing to see many horror films these days use the same technique. One that I can think of which does is the Evil Dead remake that came out this year which in my opinion was just as good. Not better, but easily as good. Another thing that I liked was the direction from Sam Raimi. Some of the scary scenes showcase the point of view of the film's evil force as it is chasing or watching the main characters and whenever the camera gets shaky, that means it is running or speeding its way towards its victims and I thought that the way those scenes were directed by Raimi were very well-done. Plus, the film's isolated setting in the woods adds to the film's creepy factor, and the look of the victims when they are being possessed is very nightmarish.

                      What I Didn't Like About It:

                    Overall, The Evil Dead is a nightmarish gorefest that is in my opinion, the best cabin-in-the-woods flick to date. Its ultra-low budget shows how you can create a top-notch scary movie with such little money and limited cast and such. I would honestly say that many horror films should easily do what this film did and see what they can achieve if they have a limited budget. If you are a gorehound or want a good horror film to watch on Halloween, then I would definitely recommend this.

Rating: 5/5