Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31 Days Of Halloween: Batman Returns (1992)

Hello, Bloggers, for today's review, I decided to a review of a film that is in the vein of horror and is made by one of my top three favorite directors, Tim Burton. That film is the superhero sequel known as Batman Returns.

                     Batman Returns follows the story of Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, who begins to go face to face with a new nemesis who rules the sewers of Gotham known as The Penguin (Danny DeVito) while developing conflicted feelings for a new masked vigilante known as Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer) who was originally killed by her sadistic boss Max Schreck (Christopher Walken) but then resurrected.

                     What I Liked About It:
                   Now, one thing that I really liked was the set designs and the overall look of Gotham. Tim Burton is a director with a very unique visual eye and his visual eye is certainly visible in this film, as it has a very dark and Gothic look and even has scenes of dark violence as well. So, for those of you who are wondering why I chose to review this film as part of my 31 Days Of Halloween, those are essentially the reasons, the film's dark violence and grim and gothic look. Plus, my buddy Chris suggested that I do reviews of a few Tim Burton movies and I liked that idea, so this is the first of two reviews of Tim Burton movies this month. Another thing that I really liked was the performances as well. However, there are two in particular  that really stand out. One of which is by Michelle Pfeiffer, who gives a fantastic portrayal of Catwoman. This version of Catwoman is sexy, fierce, insane, and even tormented all at the same time, and Pfeiffer plays this role to absolute perfection. I am quite fond of Anne Hathaway's portrayal of Catwoman, but Pfeiffer is just as amazing. Danny DeVito is also very good as The Penguin, who is portrayed as a rather tragic villain, since we get a glimpse of his sad backstory. While I am actually a fan of the Penguin, unlike most Batman fans, I liked how the makers of the film took an interesting villain and gave him such strong emotional depth.
                   What I Didn't Like About It:

                  Overall, Batman Returns is a visually stunning masterpiece that is sure to please both Batman fans as well as Tim Burton fans. It's well-acted, imaginative, and is a nice blend of three different genres: Horror, action, and drama. Easily one of Tim Burton's best.

Rating: 4.5/5