Monday, October 7, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Carrie (1976)

Here is my second review of the day, and for this review, I figured I'd review a classic that is not only one of the best horror movies ever made, but it is also one of my favorite movies ever and the first Stephen King adaptation that will be reviewed for this month. That film is the original 1976 version of Carrie.

                                Carrie is about a shy introverted girl named Carrie White (Sissy Spacek) who is constantly picked an at school and even bullied at home by her religious zealot mother Margaret (Piper Laurie). Eventually, she begins to realize that she has telekinetic powers which in the end, she uses to seek revenge against those who tormented her and show them once you play with fire, you get burned.

                                    What I Liked About It:
                               Like how Rosemary's Baby works as both a suspenseful thriller and a horror film, I love how Carrie manages to work as both a horror film and a heart-wrenching drama. When we watch how Carrie is being tormented, especially in the opening scene where she is in the gym shower and she gets her first period, we begin to feel sad for her, thanks in part to Sissy Spacek's performance. Spacek is outstanding in this movie as she makes us fear her character in the end, yet in the rest of the film, she breaks your heart. That to me is great acting and in my opinion, it's no surprise she got nominated for an Oscar for her performance. Piper Laurie was also nominated but for Best Supporting Actress and she was terrifying as Margaret, Carrie's abusive mother. What is so unique about her character and her performance is that she is frightening without trying to be. Also, I like how this film shows how high school tends to be like hell. It may showcase a girl being brutally tormented, but that kind of stuff actually happens.

                                  What I Didn't Like About It:

                                Overall, Carrie is a solid yet powerfully sad horror film. If you are looking for a horror film with scares from beginning to end, you may want to look elsewhere as this film is mostly a character study that builds up to its unforgettable and frightening climax.

Rating: 5/5