Sunday, January 31, 2016

The U.T.C.: Ben Mendelsohn

So now that Rachel McAdams' membership in the Undervalued Talent Club has finally been revoked, I figured I'd delve into not only a member of the U.T.C., but someone who is practically its president. That person being Ben Mendelsohn.

It all started with The Dark Knight Rises. When I saw it a second time and noticed his scenes, I thought to myself "Who is this guy?" because Ben Mendelsohn was so good in his brief scenes as Bruce Wayne's corporate rival Daggett. Then I saw his work in The Place Beyond The Pines as the former bank robber with a heart of gold Robin, went back to his breakthrough into American cinema: His psychotic Pope in Animal Kingdom. But ultimately, what had me really following his next career moves is Starred Up. While it is mainly a star vehicle for Jack O'Connell, it is Mendelsohn that acts as the rock trying to hold the main character together. As someone who loved J.K. Simmons in Whiplash, Mendelsohn should've walked away with every Supporting Actor award under the sun.

On the brighter side of the spectrum, we have been seeing his name appear on awards shows thanks to his work on TV's Bloodline. Also, he did receive an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Mississippi Grind. I'm not sure he'll win but I'm still hopeful that his name will be called at another ceremony in the future. Plus, with him being in the upcoming Star Wars spinoff Rogue One and being in talks to be in Ready Player One directed by a guy named Steven Spielberg, more people will get go know his name and I will be a happy man to witness it.