Friday, January 8, 2016

Oscars 2016: BAFTA Nominations

The BAFTA Nominations have been announced this morning. Our friends from across the pond have helped dictate the race thus far and they have made it even crazier.

I'll start off by saying that Carol and Bridge of Spies have led the way with 9 nominations each, The Revenant with 8, and Mad Max: Fury Road with 7. Mad Max didn't land Best Film or Director for George Miller, but 7 nominations is still nothing to scoff at.

But a few bigger surprises include Spotlight being left out of Best Director and Editing. The way I see it, Spotlight is not looking like our supposed frontrunner. It underperformed at SAG, had no acting nominations at the Globes, didn't get an Editing Guild nomination, and didn't get in Best Director or Editing here.

Another shock is Charlotte Rampling getting snubbed for Best Actress for 45 Years. I figured she'd have the support of her fellow Brits. But it looks like they threw their veteran support behind Dame Maggie Smith for Lady in the Van. That one is still unseen by me. Also, no room for Room anywhere but Best Actress for Brie Larson and Adapted Screenplay for Emma Donoghue. That's another one I'm worried about. Especially considering its Producers Guild snub.

Brooklyn did quite well, though. It not only scored a Best Actress nod for Saoirse Ronan as expected, but also Julie Walters for Best Supporting Actress! Holy toledo, is that awesome! Dark horse for the Oscars, perhaps? Ex Machina also did quite well, scoring 4 nominations (Outstanding British Film, Best Supporting Actress-Alicia Vikander, Best Original Screenplay, Best Visual Effects). Speaking of Vikander, she is a double nominee. She got nominated in Supporting for Ex Machina and Lead for The Danish Girl. I'm starting to be more inclined to predict she'll be a double nominee at the Oscars. But despite Vikander's category fraud being corrected, Rooney Mara was still put in Supporting for Carol. I guess whatever Weinstein wants, Weinstein gets.

Even thouh it didn't get in Best Film or even Screenplay, Sicario continues to show strength. While it landed tech nods for Cinematography and Score, it also landed a Supporting Actor nod for Benicio Del Toro. I think he's a definite dark horse in that category.

Overall, this is a very interesting set of nominations. Please be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section on what you think of these nominations. I'll be posting my predictions for the Golden Globes, which are on Sunday, very soon.

You can read the full list of nominations here: