Thursday, February 4, 2016

The U.T.C.: Emily Blunt

Hello, Bloggers! Now that I have done a profile on Ben Mendelsohn, the practical president of the Undervalued Talent Club, my next profile will be on its vice president: Emily Blunt.

When she first came onto the scene with The Devil Wears Prada, I have become quite fond of her talent since then. But it wasn't until her banner year in 2014 where I became a massive fan and decided I would follow her latest project. Between her two performances from 2014, Edge of Tomorrow and Into The Woods, I would've given her the nod for her work in the former. As the Full Metal Bitch, Rita Vitarski, Blunt provides a subtle and delicate mix of deadpan wit, physical badassery, and rather vulnerable determination. Her work in Into The Woods is quite different and also three-dimensional as she plays the Baker's Wife that attempts to break a spell preventing her from having a child through charming deceit.

In a weaker year for Best Actress, Blunt would also climb to my personal final five for her career-best work in Sicario. Judging by the three nominations the film received (Cinematography, Sound Mixing, and Score), it's clear voters saw the film. Yet Blunt couldn't manage to surprise. I figured that since her husband John Krasinski was announcing the nominees, he'd work as a good luck charm. But not the case.

She has a couple of films set for release this year: The Huntsman: Winter's War and The Girl On The Train. I definitely don't think she'll get nominated for the former. But she possibly will for the latter. The Girl On The Train is based on a novel and has drawn comparisons to Gone Girl. The film adaptation of Gone Girl did land Rosamund Pike a Best Actress nom so we'll see if similar magic can make Blunt revoke her U.T.C. membership.