Sunday, February 14, 2016

Oscars 2016: Spotlight and The Big Short win at WGA

So last night the Writers Guild of America Awards took place and the two film winners, The Big Short and Spotlight have solidified their position as frontrunners for Best Adapted and Original Screenplay, respectively. Both won the same awards at the Critics Choice Awards and if they win today at the BAFTA Awards, then they are definite done deals.

But as of right now, I think because it won PGA, WGA, and the Eddie Award for Best Editing in a Comedy, The Big Short will likely win Best Picture. It not only feels important because of its subject matter, but compared to Spotlight, it is done so in a much more lively manner with its constant breaking of the fourth wall, cutaways to celebrity cameos, etc.. So, it's got more bells and whistles to it. Even if it won't sweep the ceremony since it only has five nominations, it'll still likely win awards that a Best Picture needs including Writing and Editing to help legitimize its win.

The BAFTAs will be taking place at 7:00 p.m. out in London which means it'll be noon here. I'll be live tweeting throughout the ceremony. So be sure to tweet me @filmguy619. Thanks for reading!