Sunday, February 14, 2016

Top 10 Best Date Movies

Hello, Bloggers! Happy Valentine's Day! In honor of this holiday, I figured I'd share my own personal top 10 list of what I consider to be the best date movies. I already showed you the worst. Now, it's time for the best.

10. Silver Linings Playbook (2012): Despite how uncomfortable it may be to watch due to its dramatic portrait of mental illness, what makes this such a good date movie is the rich chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. They dance, they heal one another, and of course, they kiss. Their chemistry is probably the reason I keep revisiting the film.

9. Edward Scissorhands (1990): If you want a movie that'll have your significant other crying on your shoulder, this is a good one. It makes you laugh at times, but there are moments where you will reach for the tissues. I know I do every time I watch this.

8. Brooklyn (2015): This one is an absolute delight for Valentine's Day! The women will be swept away by Emory Cohen's Italian plumber with a heart of gold Tony Fiorello and even the guys will like the chemistry between him and Saoirse Ronan. You'll also laugh and maybe cry at times. It's a good movie to watch anytime but a perfect one for a day devoted to love.

7. Her (2013): One of the more unconventional love stories on this list, Her is a good date movie because the women will love the love story aspect of it while the men will love the sci-fi aspect of it as well as the sound of Scarlett Johansson's voice.

6. Begin Again (2014): Even if this isn't exactly a love story, per se, it is still one that'll leave you with a smile on your face. Although it does deal with a woman who has her heart broken, played by Keira Knightley, and both her and co-star Mark Ruffalo have non-romantic yet solid chemistry. You might also enjoy the songs created for the film.

5. Neighbors (2014): To explain why this is such a good date movie, I'll first delve into the film's secret weapon: Rose Byrne. The women will find her hilarious while men will get a kick out of the girl-on-girl kiss scene she has. Also, the guys will like Seth Rogen while women get to stare at shirtless Zac Efron. A little something for both sexes. Also, the film is hilarious from start to finish.

4. Empire Strikes Back (1980): This one is a little more outside the box. But I think that while guys will enjoy the film as a whole, the women will love the romance between Han Solo and Princess Leia. For those of you guys whose wifes or girlfriends aren't that into Star Wars, this film is one way to convert them.

3. Bridesmaids (2011): Even though this seems to mostly be geared towards females, the guys will still love the heavy use of cussing and its gross out humor while the women will appreciate the comedic chemistry between the main cast as well as its themes on taking a new step in life and friendships. Something that guys might appreciate as well.

2. Jerry Maguire (1996): This one is perhaps a perfect romantic comedy made for males. The women will love the romance aspect of it, of course. But the fact that it is also about sports might have the guys forgetting that they're even watching a romance to begin with.

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004): While Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind does deal with a couple wanting to forget each other, it does have an optimistic tone to it. As Jim Carrey goes deep inside his own head, he slowly realizes how important his love is to him and as you are watching the film, you get inspired and want him and his love to find happiness. Also, the film has what every romance should have and that is rich chemistry between the two leads.

So that was my list of what I consider to be the top 10 best date movies. Please be sure to share your own top 10 in the comments section. Thanks for reading and Happy Valentine's Day!