Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Oscars 2016: My Three Wishes For Oscar Night

Hello, Bloggers! Since Oscar night is upon us on Sunday, I figured I'd share my own personal top three wishes for what I would love to see happen. Here is what I am hoping for:

1. Inside Out winning Best Original Screenplay: Even if it doesn't win Best Picture, Spotlight is a shoo-in to win Best Original Screenplay. But as well-written as it is, deep down, I badly want Inside Out to win. An animated film has never won in the Screenplay category and Inside Out is Pixar's absolute best in years and one of Pixar's most inventive. Please, Academy, don't let my Imaginationland crumble.

2. Tom Hardy winning Best Supporting Actor: While I do have him predicted to win Best Supporting Actor on my predictions because of how he is in the two most nominated films, The Revenant and Mad Max, I still have a huge hunch it'll go to Sly Stallone due to the sentiment factor. But I'm seriously holding out hope that Hardy pulls off a Binoche (young breakout over older, sentimental favorite) for quite a few reasons. One is that I thought he was the best in his field and it would show that quality can trump over politics since a Stallone win would have politics behind it with him winning because it's his turn and his performance is more sympathetic than Hardy's and whatnot. Plus, him winning could allow the Mo'Nique method to be more encouraged: not playing the campaign game but still walking away with the trophy.

3. Any film other than Spotlight, The Revenant, or The Big Short winning Best Picture: Any of the aforementioned films is likely to win Best Picture. They are all very solid movies. But I kind of would love to see another film announced from the envelope. Go crazy and give us Mad Max. Even if it is unlikely to win anything else, I'd welcome the idea of Brooklyn pulling off an earth-trembling shocker. If there is any category where I want to see them absolutely shock the world, it's this one.

So those were my own three wishes for Oscar night. I would love to hear what yours are, so please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for reading!