Saturday, February 13, 2016

Top 10 Worst Date Movies

Hello, Bloggers. Valentine's Day is on its way tomorrow. So, I figured I'd share my list of what I feel are the top 10 worst date movies. Let's take a look:

10. A Woman Under The Influence (1974): As great of a movie as A Woman Under The Influence, its gritty portrait of a marriage in crisis might prevent couples on a date from..looking into the future, so to speak.

9. Misery (1990): If you want to watch a movie on Valentine's Day, the last thing you and your significant other would want to watch is a movie where a woman's definition of "I Love You" is a dose of sledgehammer to the ankles.

8. The Babadook (2014): Horror movies are a good way to get your date curled up besides you. But then there's The Babadook which is a portrait of grief and mental illness that almost makes The Exorcist seem like a bedtime story.

7. Weekend (2011): While the chemistry between the two leads, Tom Cullen and Chris New, is rich and hard to deny, what makes this one not necessarily a good date movie is how it is essentially a countdown to goodbye.

6. Blue Velvet (1986): Unless your idea of a good time is watching Dennis Hopper sucking on ether and sexually tormenting his female victim played by Isabella Rossellini, this is not the movie to watch on Valentine's Day.

5. Shame (2011): While your significant other might want to check it out because it stars Michael Fassbender, when you actually watch this, you guys may rethink your relationship. Not just because its raw portrait of sex addiction, but you might feel threatened by the sight of Michael's Fassbender.

4. Antichrist (2009): Almost anything on director Lars Von Trier's filmography is a bad date movie. But Antichrist really takes the cake. This one will make you guys feel bad about eating a big dinner and will, let's just say, clobber any ideas about having relations.

3. Rosemary's Baby (1968): One of the best horror movies of all time? Absolutely. A good date movie? Not exactly if the main character's husband's definition of love is having her carry the Devil's spawn in exchange for wealth and success. Because of the wealth and success thing, your wife may look at you suspiciously after it's over. Who knows.

2. Gone Girl (2014): While it is an amazing film, what makes this SUCH a bad date movie is that, without spoiling anything, it might give women....ideas. If you're watching this with your wife or girlfriend, hope that she doesn't give a sly grin.

1. Fatal Attraction (1987): The bad date movie to end all bad date movies. While it at least encourage you to be faithful to your spouse, who knows if it'll encourage you to go on the dating scene more often.

So that was my list of the top 10 worst date movies for Valentine's Day. I'd love to hear what your own top 10 is. So please share your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for reading!