Saturday, October 10, 2015

The U.T.C.: Rachel McAdams

Hello, Bloggers, welcome to a new segment on Film Guy Reviews. It is known as The U.T.C., which is short for the Undervalued Talent Club. On this segment, I discuss actors that haven't had a ticket to Oscar yet, but hopefully will in the future. The main criteria is that the actor doesn't have a nomination as of now. The first member of this club I will discuss is Rachel McAdams.

I remember when I saw her first film The Hot Chick, where she played a girl who switches bodies with a crook, and when I saw her name appear at the end credits, I thought to myself, "This girl is gonna be big." Then 2004 happened and suddenly people knew her name. With Mean Girls, she relishes in playing yet humanized the evil queen bee Regina George, proving her ability at comedy. She also played the romantic lead in The Notebook.

She would then go on to bounce from genre to genre: Thriller (Red Eye), ensemble dramas (Spotlight, State of Play), romance (The Vow, About Time, The Time Traveler's Wife), comedy (Morning Glory, Midnight in Paris) and now sci-fi blockbusters with Doctor Strange.

But her work that is most snubbed, in my opinion, is as Regina George in Mean Girls. I've discussed her work on my Anatomy Of A Performance segment, but she not only took the queen bee role to new heights, but her Regina has become more prolific than plenty of recent Best Supporting Actress winning performances in my opinion. That's the category I would've put her in. Thankfully, with the upcoming Spotlight, her membership of the U.T.C. might be revoked.

What do you guys think? Do you agree she is an underrated talent like I do and what do you think of this segment? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for reading!