Friday, October 9, 2015

Topic Of The Day: Why I Might Not Go See Spectre

Hello, Bloggers, welcome to another episode of Topic Of The Day. Now I had Spectre on my list of my top 10 most anticipated movies of the rest of the year. I have my doubts as to whether I should see it in theaters. Mainly because of a recent interview Daniel Craig gave with Time Out magazine. When asked whether he would come back again as Bond, he said he'd rather break a glass and slash his wrists. In other words, he would dread coming back. If he were to come back, it'd only be for the money. I'll get into why that is so flustering:

Now, in the interview, he does go into a few perks that Bond has offered him. But the way he expressed his reluctance to coming back to the role that made him beloved by audiences really makes him come off as ungrateful. If it's the long shoots, fan attention, and extensive press tour that is so grating, then I say tough crap. I don't feel sorry for famous actors that get paid millions of dollars to act and promote their big movies then go back to their nice house and whatever. Whenever they do complain, it just makes them come off as ungrateful and spoiled. PR and fan attention is like smelly gym clothes when it comes to these kind of movies. It just comes with the territory. You don't like it, then go to indie or TV land or take these big roles and suck it up.

Also, if he says that he would only come back depending on his paycheck, then to me, it kind of ruins it for the audience. Now we all do jobs for the money. But we don't need to actually say it. I have a job, but I would never admit that I'm in it for the money because that's why we all work. Plus, if it looks like Craig doesn’t enjoy himself as Bond, then it won't be fun for the audience and it would give the suits a greater incentive to find another actor that'll be more excited to take the role. Thankfully, the role of Bond has been recast many times. So they shouldn't worry about whether the new actor will resemble Craig or anything like that.

So that is why I might choose not to see Spectre in theaters. Even if Craig was being honest, I still think he could've been a little nicer about it. I mainly wanted to use that interview to demonstrate why it is key for actors to sometimes watch their words. If the actor isn't enjoying the work they are promoting, then it makes it less fun for the audience.

But what do you guys think? Has Craig's comments ruined your decision to see Spectre or will you still go? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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