Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chris Rock Will Host the 88th Oscars

Hello, Bloggers, it has just been announced that Chris Rock will host the 88th Academy Awards next year. So, I figured I'd post my thoughts on this announcement. Here we go:

Now, first off, I think this is a great idea. One reason is because I am a huge fan of his. I love his show Everybody Hates Chris and I even enjoy watching Head of State whenever it is on. I know that film isn't anything grand or a classic, but it's pure fun. So I enjoy watching Chris Rock be funny and I think he will deliver a killer monologue.

Also, it helps that he has hosted the Oscars before about 11 years ago when Million Dollar Baby won Best Picture. As I have mentioned in my tips for picking an Oscar host, I would be comfortable with them picking a host with previous hosting experience. Even if it means picking someone that has hosted the show before, it is still quite comforting. Just hopefully they don't have Sean Penn as a presenter this time around in case Rock jokes about an actor he likes.

I forgot where I heard this from, but before this announcement, I read that we would have two hosts. If that is the case, then who I would recommend hosts alongside Rock is Louis C.K.. As I have also mentioned in my tips for picking an Oscar host, if you are going to go with a pair, go with a pair that is used to playing off one another and Rock and Louis C.K. do have a collaborative comedic history. So if you're going to pair Rock up with someone, pair him with Louie because even if Louis C.K. doesn't have much hosting experience, we still won't have a James Franco/Anne Hathaway situation. Plus, in case the nominees become white washed this year, having Chris Rock host the show will still add some diversity to it.

So those are my quick thoughts on Chris Rock hosting the Oscars. But I'd love to hear what you guys think. Do you think he's a good host and if they want to pair him up with someone, should it be with Louis C.K. or should he do it solo? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for reading!