Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top 5 Worst Movies of 2015

Now that I have given my list of the best movies of the year, it is time to take out the puke bucket as I give my list of what I felt were the worst movies of the year. Let's take a look:

5. Crimson Peak: The tagline "Beware of Crimson Peak" is quite on point, but for the wrong reasons. Wow, what a disappointment this was. Especially considering this is from the guy who gave us Pan's Labyrinth. I know Guillermo Del Toro is better than this. So, what the hell was this mess? I mean, it has some good performances and beautiful production designs, but the script was awful. Del Toro, I beg of you, please try harder next time.

4. Minions: If there is one villain that the Minions serve other than Scarlett Overkill, it's Universal Studios who made this piece of crap to begin with. It's literally 90 minutes of the Minions acting stupid and talking gibberish. It has no message for the kids to take home and even if adults were to sip alcohol while watching this film to try and make it enjoyable, it would still feel like torture. Avoid like the plague!

3. Joy: Oh, what a funny title because this movie made me feel anything but joy. Its first act is messy and overwritten, Jennifer Lawrence is miscast in a role meant more for an actress twice her age, and the supporting players surrounding Lawrence are playing absolute caricatures. An absolute mess. Don't waste your money. 

2. The Danish Girl: This year's cinematic equivalent of watching paint dry. While this movie is well-intended, Tom Hooper played it too carefully with his direction and Eddie Redmayne's performance was rather calculated and one-note with him using a similar bag of tricks with almost each scene. Thankfully, the film still has Alicia Vikander as its saving grace. But she's really the film's only saving grace. If you want to watch an LGBT film about the courage to be yourself, watch these: Weekend, Beginners, Blue Is The Warmest Color, Laurence Anyways, Pride, Pariah, and The Way He Looks. Watch those and avoid this.

1. Jupiter Ascending: I find it quite sad that I have picked an original piece of sci-fi on here. But because of just how bad it is, I had to put it on my list. The film is like a sci-fi equivalent of MSNBC with characters talking about land ownership and federations and bla-bla-bla. With its tedious and jumbled storytelling, it's no wonder the actors looked like they were waiting for their checks to clear. One of the few actors who looks like he is trying is Eddie Redmayne, but...that performance is like a blessing and a curse. It's hilariously bad, but at the end of the day, it's still a bad performance. The whole movie is just bad. Avoid like the plague.

So those are what I found to be the worst movies of 2015. Please feel free to share what you felt were the worst movies of the year in the comments section. Thanks for reading!