Thursday, February 26, 2015

Indie Review: Blue Ruin (2014)

    Proof That Originality In The Film Industry Isn't In 'Ruin'
      Thank goodness we have a funding site like Kickstarter that allows creative voices waiting to be heard to potentially be heard. If it weren't around, I doubt we'd get the simple yet powerful piece of cinema that is Blue Ruin.

         Blue Ruin follows the story of a man named Dwight (Macon Blair) who makes his return home to avenge the death of his parents. As he makes his return, he reunites with his sister Sam (Amy Hargreaves) while confronting the family of the man who killed their parents, thus unraveling a web of secrets and deceit.

       I'll start off by discussing the first 10 to 12 minutes. There is hardly a peep of dialogue, yet writer/director/cinematographer Jeremy Saulnier manages to introduce our main character through his appearance, a piece of newspaper to indicate his motives, and his habitat, which is his car. I absolutely loved that. I also loved the way Saulnier shot it. The cinematography work he does here is stunning as he makes us shutter in fear when Dwight is in a dark corner, yet still not safe in the light, thus creating a rather unsettling atmosphere. Saulnier also brings quite a bit of layers to his story. Not only is it a successful engeance thriller mixed with slight horror, but there is also a bit of black comedy thrown in. By watching this film, I am getting the sense that we might have a successful heir to the Coen Brothers.

      Next, I'll get into Macon Blair's performance. When watching Blair's work in this, it felt as if I was watching different actors playing two different roles since when the film opens and before he gets back home, he looks very rugged and is very shaky yet when he shaves his beard and cuts his hair off, his character is slightly more composed even as he continues to get more nervous once he becomes in way over his head. Very dynamic performance from an actor who I hope we get to see more of.

      Overall, Blue Ruin is a small-scale gem that has a grand mix of being a morality/vengeancd tale combined with black comedy and a touch of creep. The performance by Macon Blair is something to behold and I can cross my fingers that he and Jeremy Saulnier will start to be on people's radars.

     Would I Recommend It?:
     Absolutely. If you are looking for something creative and fresh, I urge you to check this out. It could use a wider audience.

Grade: A+

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