Sunday, June 12, 2016

Topic Of The Day: Worst Thing About Going To The Movies

As someone who enjoys going to the movies all the time, there are certain things about it that can really ruin my moviegoing experience. I'm sure if some people were asked what the worst thing about going to the movies is, they'd say the overpriced concessions or tickets. That honestly doesn't bother me too much because usually when I go to the movies, it is at the earliest showings when it's cheaper and sometimes I grab food either before or after the movie so I don't always pay for concessions.

What really bothers me are certain types of moviegoers that can ruin my film watching experience. First off, the type of moviegoer that I have the most trouble with is people who are on their cellphones during the movie. Whenever people are looking on their bright little screen while I'm watching the big movie screen, it gets super distracting. I mean, come on, you paid money to see a movie for 2 hours and you're checking your phone which you can do the rest of the day? Plus, whenever someone's cellphone starts ringing, it makes me just want to give that person the stank eye.

Another type of moviegoer I can't stand are people who whisper the obvious as they are watching the movie. Like, for example, if you're watching a horror movie and the people around you are like "He's behind the door" or "Go hide" almost under their breath, that can take you out of your zone. That happened to me recently when I saw Neighbors 2 as there were two women sitting next to me and kept stating the obvious. I was tempted to say "Can you please be quiet?" but I just didn't have it in me.

Lastly, I can't stand it when parents bring their children into movies that aren't really for kids because when I went and saw Batman v. Superman, there was a child who kept crying and his parent had to keep bringing him in and out of the theater and I was sitting there thinking "Why did you bring your child to this?" because while it may be a superhero movie, it was still a little too dark for kids.

Anyways, those are the types of moviegoers I can't stand. I would love to hear what kind of moviegoer that ruins your filmgoing experience. Please feel free to vent your feelings in the comments section and thanks for reading!