Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Major Blog Announcement

Hello, Bloggers! I have decided to make a quick announcement about a new series of reviews that will take place on my blog.

Today, I have decided to take part in a pledge known as the #52FilmsByWomen pledge started by an organization called "Women In Film" where I watch about one film per week directed by a woman and post on social media that I am watching each film along with the name of the director for each film to keep track of the films I watch. This pledge is to help create awareness for more films directed by women and as someone who has been vocal about seeing more diversity in the film world, I couldn't help but decide to help out in the cause.

So my new series of reviews will be called "52 Films By Women" and here is hoping that I can reach that goal. If you would like to take part in the pledge, please click on this link right here. I sincerely hope that you guys decide to take the pledge as well. There are some strong female voices out there. So let's try and seek them out. Thanks for reading!