Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Oscars 2017: 20th Century Women Gets Picked Up By A24

A film called 20th Century Women, starring Annette Bening, Greta Gerwig, and Elle Fanning, had a pretty uncertain fate when it came to its Oscar prospects due to it not having a distributor. But A24 Films has come to its rescue, picking it up for distribution and giving it a fourth-quarter release date.

The story of 20th Century Women is that it is about a single mother living in the 1970's teaching her son, along with two other women, about the state of love and freedom.

The reason I wanted to cover this story is because since I think Viola Davis is the frontrunner on paper to win Best Actress for Fences, she might have Annette Bening to contend with. Like Davis, Bening is seriously overdue, having been nominated four times and being inches closer from a win on her second nomination for American Beauty. Also, it helps that Bening is Hollywood royalty, married to Warren Beatty. Plus, the film's director Mike Mills guided Christopher Plummer to his overdue Oscar for Beginners. Maybe he can work his magic on another overdue veteran.

I also now think Elle Fanning could be someone to watch out for. She's set to have a pretty prolific 2016 with 20th Century Women, The Neon Demon already released, the upcoming How To Talk To Girls At Parties also for A24 Films, and possibly Live By Night from Ben Affleck which has a wide January release date but could get a limited awards-qualifying release date at the end of this year. We shall see.

A24 also has the film Moonlight coming out in October and American Honey coming out in September. So we'll also see if it can run a perfect campaign for those projects. Either way, A24 Films has an exciting slate of films on the horizon.