Sunday, May 8, 2016

Oscars 2017: Consider Captain America: Civil War For All Categories

While the Oscars have had a rocky relationship with science fiction films, if there is one particular genre they have had an even rockier relationship with, it's superhero movies. Normally, they are relegated to below-the-line tech categories while films that are probably considered 'real, legitimate movies' get put in the major categories. But I'm here to say that despite being a superhero film, Captain America: Civil War is a real, legitimate movie.

It does feature the typical colorful banter amongst its characters and high-octane action sequences one would expect in a Marvel film. But it also depicts relevant real-world storytelling. The way in which the Avengers are deciding whether to be put under government surveillance provides shades of conflicts like the Snowden conflict and drone warfare with people debating whether or not we should be put under close watch.

Also, the film isn't as much about the heroes saving the day as it is about them diving into their own morality which is why they are mostly fighting amongst themselves. So Captain America: Civil War is a morality tale about war and the government that just happens to feature heroes in spandex. Even if Marvel Studios might not care about awards that much, based on its reviews (it currently has a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes) and audience response thanks to its box office, I hope they consider taking Captain America: Civil War above the line in categories like Adapted Screenplay, Best Director, and of course, Best Picture.