Friday, August 7, 2015

The Film Emotion Blogathon!

Hello, Bloggers, Connor from Conman At The Movies has started his own Blogathon which centers around the latest animated film Inside Out. The rules of this one are that you have to pick five films that make you feel the five different emotions in the film. Then you have to write one paragraph on each film, post them on your blog, and send the link to Connor in the comments section of the link that I have hyperlinked for you above. Here are the five emotions to base your five films off of.

Joy: First, go with a film that makes you happy, whether it'd be a musical or a comedy or a family film.

Sadness: Then any film that makes you feel sad or depressed.

Fear: A film that of course makes you scared and even gives you nightmares. It can be a horror film or anything that your bones cringe by the end credits.

Anger: A film that rattles your cage just thinking about it. One that you absolutely hate with every fiber of your being.

Disgust: This one is more open-ended. It could be a film that makes you squirm because it is so gross or something that makes you feel like dirt when you watch it and has you go "Yeesh, people suck!" (i.e., Schindler's List).

Anyways, here are my five films:

Joy: Wedding Crashers. This is an absolute treat to watch. Every time I turn it on, I always get a kick out of the witty banter from Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, who are like a match made in comedy heaven. Also, Isla Fisher STEALS the movie as the sex-crazed bridesmaid Gloria and both Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson have amazing romantic chemistry. But this one is a real comedic riot!

Sadness: Dancer In The Dark. Normally when seeing a Lars Von Trier movie, I never expect the film watching experience to be all peaches and cream. But this one just broke me. Don't let the fact that it is a musical fool you because even the musical numbers have an underlying tragedy. Even when I listen to the song "New World" by Bjork that plays at the end credits, I slowly become one big emotional wreck because it brings me back to my experience watching this.

Fear: Compliance. Originally, I was going to go with a horror film. But I figured I'd think outside the box. Even though this isn't categorized as horror, it is so terrifying because this is based on true events. Plus, it shows how ordinary human beings can be capable of pure evil. They can force fast food workers to humiliate themselves while engaging in harmless acts while talking over the phone. Absolutely chilling.

Anger: August: Osage County. This is an easy one. Lord, do I hate this movie. Ever since I saw it, the more I thought about it, the more I dislike it. It was painful watching the actors try to ACT their hardest while playing characters I wanted to strangle over the course of a film with glacial pacing and a trite and cliched storyline. Never. Again.

Disgust: The Human Centipede. I honestly couldn't even finish this one. I love horror films and usually don't mind the blood and guts. But what I don't like are horror films that are gross for the sake of being gross. Seriously, what is the whole point or message behind creating a human centipede other than the cliched "mad scientist" routine? Ugh, horror films like these are like abnormal experiments themselves.