Saturday, July 18, 2015

Review: Tammy (2014)

         'Tammy' Hits Like A Minor Speed Bump In Melissa McCarthy's Career

       (possible spoiler alert)

       Well, I guess I could look at this way: Tammy might just be a simple excuse for the lead actress to spend time with her director husband. Nothing more, nothing less.

      Tammy follows the story of a down on her luck woman named Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) who was fired from her job and her husband cheated on her. So in order to escape her dreary and mundane life, she goes on a road trip with her grandmother Pearl (Susan Sarandon), thus hijinx ensues.

     I did think that Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon had some great scenes together with funny banter. I didn't buy that Sarandon could be McCarthy's grandmother, but hey, it's Hollywood. They always want you to suspend disbelief, right? Kathy Bates also appears later in the film and I thought she showcased solid comedic timing. The good stuff kind of ends there.

     While I thought McCarthy and Sarandon had some funny scenes, for the most part, the film fell pretty flat. When it tries to be hilarious, the jokes don't always land and when it even tries to be touching and emotional, it still falls flat. There are these subplots shoehorned involving Pearl having diabetes and sleeping with Tammy's father and they just go nowhere.

     I also thought the film dragged a lot. For a road movie, it doesn't really have a lot of energy driving it forward. Not much excitement. Just....nothing.

     Overall, Tammy is a mildly amusing yet incredibly disappointing vehicle from its star. I am a huge Melissa McCarthy fan and thankfully I find this to be a mild hiccup since she was able to quickly rebound with Spy. 

    Would I Recommend It?:
    Not necessarily. Even if you like Melissa McCarthy as much as I do, I wouldn't try to watch it. Watch one of her greater comedic efforts like Bridesmaids, The Heat, and Spy instead. Even in St. Vincent, she shows us what her talent is really made of.

Grade: C-