Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Oscar Watch: Spotlight (2015)

Hello, Bloggers, welcome to another special episode of Trailer Talk where I give a quick look at trailers for upcoming Oscar contenders. For this episode of Oscar Watch, I will discuss the upcoming film about a Massachusetts sex abuse scandal known as Spotlight. Here we go:

After it was just announced that this film will appear at Venice and Toronto, the trailer already appeared online and I have to say, it looks pretty intense. I am usually intrigued by films about journalists entering dangerous territory like All The President's Men and Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Plus, what a cast it has: Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Liev Schreiber, Rachel McAdams, Billy Crudup, John Slattery, and Stanley Tucci. If there is anybody that I think will be nominated, it could be Michael Keaton, whose role gives off vibes of Jason Robards from All The President's Men, who won Best Supporting Actor for his performance. But I hope that Rachel McAdams can score a hit with this after the mixed to negative reception of Aloha, Southpaw, and the second season of True Detective. If she doesn't break through to Oscar with this, I don't what it's going to take.

So I think this film does seem like a viable contender since it checks important boxes: Based on topical real-life story? Check. Pedigree cast? Check. But I'm hoping the movie is amazing and Oscar worthy and not Oscar bait. At least it's not walking a thin tight rope like Freeheld is.

Those are my thoughts on the trailer. If you have seen it, please feel free to write your thoughts in the comments section about whether you think it looks good or seems like a viable awards contender. Thanks for reading!