Friday, March 1, 2013

Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

                                      'Snow White' With A Darker Twist
                         One thing that is unique about Snow White and the Huntsman is that even though it is an adaptation of a fairy tale, it sorta doesn't feel like one when you watch it, thanks to its darker spin on the classic tale.

                      Snow White and the Huntsman is about Snow White (Kristen Stewart) who has been imprisoned in a tower for most of her life by her evil stepmother, Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron). Once Ravenna's magic mirror tells her that consuming Snow White's heart will give her eternal youth, Snow White escapes. Ravenna then sends a local Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to find her, but when he does, he decides to become Snow White's mentor to help her vanquish the evil Queen once he realizes that he is being tricked by her. Also, once Snow White's childhood friend William (Sam Claflin) realizes that she is alive, he then tries to find her.

                      What I Liked About It:
                   First and foremost, I LOVED Charlize Theron's chilling and fierce performance as Queen Ravenna. She manages to go from being manipulative to cunning to bat-s**t insane in a matter of minutes, and does it without being too over-the-top. If the movie should be remembered for anything, it should be for Charlize Theron's mesmerizing performance.

                  Another thing I really liked about the film is the dwarves. Casting controversy aside, all the actors that portrayed the dwarves did a nice job and brought some comic relief into the film which has a darker tone.

                  Also, I have to give major props to the effects team. I loved how they really put their heart and soul into the visuals of the film, and it really made for a creative atmosphere, which is something that I hope for when I go see a fantasy film.

                      What I Didn't Like About It:
                 While Charlize Theron gave a memorable performance as the Evil Queen, I can't say that Kristen Stewart gave a memorable performance as Snow White, as I felt like she had a bit of difficulty shaking the rust of her sullen Twilight performance off her shoulders.

                Another issue I had was one that many others had, which is the length. If the film had been trimmed a bit, it would've been slightly better.

                  Overall, Snow White and the Huntsman delivers a nice, dark twist to the classic fairy tale. It delivers superb performances from most of the cast and has breathtaking visuals.

Rating: 3.5/5