Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The U.T.C.: John Goodman

Up until Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his Oscar, the fact that he was Oscarless inspired a lot of hilarious memes. If you go search on Google Images and type "Leo Oscarless memes," you'll find some hilarious results. It was fun to laugh at how overdue DiCaprio was since he had 4 nominations prior to his win. But where's the love for an actor like John Goodman who is highly regarded yet has NEVER been nominated?

John Goodman's career spans much longer than Leonardo DiCaprio's as he has been around since the 80's, bouncing from film to television to voice work. He's especially been lauded for his work on television like in the show Roseanne which won him a Golden Globe and got him a slew of Emmy nominations.

But he recently starred in two consecutive Best Picture winners, The Artist and Argo, and even though his career spans over four decades, he still works like a machine, popping up in film after film, delivering every time.

Thinking of how long he's been working and now he constantly keeps delivering in film after film has me thinking, "Agh, what is it going to take to get him nominated?!" He does movies about Hollywood (Argo and Trumbo) and nothing. He's worked with Oscar darlings like the Coen Brothers and Robert Zemeckis. Nothing. Again, starred in two consecutive Best Picture winners and...NIL.

What exactly IS it going to take, I wonder? Well, I would love it if 10 Cloverfield Lane did the trick for him but the film is an early Spring release date and falls under an unfriendly Oscar genre, science fiction. Maybe the critics will revive him at the end of the year but we'll see. Supporting Actor isn't looking very competitive so he could be a wild card. Again, we'll see. He does the Boston Marathon film Patriots Day coming out at the end of the year. Maybe he has some meaty material to work with.

I'm hopeful that THE role will come his way soon and it'll probably be a supporting role since he is typically a supporting actor and the Supporting Actor category is often the "veteran achievement" award.