Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Review: Ghostbusters (2016)

    Ghostbusters follows the story of a college professor named Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) who teams up with former friend and collaborator Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) to go back to investigating the paranormal along with Yates' engineer Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) and subway worker Patty Nolan (Leslie Jones). Together, they try to stop a villain looking to amplifify ghost activity in New York City.

     One thing that I loved about this reboot is how even though the four main characters bare slight similarities to their original male counterparts, they don't feel like direct carbon copies. Erin is the "Peter" of the group but only she's less sardonic. Patty is the "Winston" of the bunch since she's the newcomer to the group but she joins the team for different reasons since while Winston joined the Ghostbusters just for the job, Patty joins to protect the city she loves. Jillian is like a female Egon since she's the technician of the group, but her personality is completely different since she's a lot more acerbic than Egon is. That means Abby is the "Ray" of the group since she is the most devoted to the discovery of the paranormal. But even Abby is able to stand out from her make counterpart because of how the relationship between Abby and Erin is depicted and how much depth it is given throughout.

     Next, I'll get into the four main performances. Honestly, how can there be so much hatred towards this when we have four of the funniest women in show business starring?! Melissa McCarthy, of course, is hilarious and continues to make comedy magic with director Paul Feig. Kristen Wiig continues to build a case as to why she should headline more movies. Leslie Jones is also hilarious and in my opinion, has a less stereotypical role than the trailers suggest. But Kate McKinnon, though, is a real standout amongst the pack. Almost everything that comes out of her mouth just had me in stitches and I can only hopes she gets more film offers thrown her way. Chris Hemsworth, who plays the receptionist role as Kevin who is incredibly handsome yet thick-headed, also got a few laughs out of me and I also liked how his character isn't a carbon copy of the more neurotic receptionist Janine from the original.

     I'll just give a heads up that the original cast members do make a cameo in this. But oddly enough, I wasn’t overly fond of Bill Murray's cameo because in the scenes that he had, he acted like he was held against his will which is a shame because this is the franchise that helped make him a star. He's barely in it so he didn't drag the film down too much. But still, it was unfortunate that he didn't seem too enthused about returning.

    Overall, Ghostbusters is an exciting revival of a classic gem that packs plenty of laughs thanks to its quartet of actresses. Even if I still think the original is the best, because that's how I feel with every reboot, sequel, etc.., this one is still a ghoulishly good time and I seriously hope that you guys consider it.

Grade: A-