Friday, April 22, 2016

Topic Of The Day: Robert Downey, Jr. Joins Spider-Man: Homecoming

Hello, Bloggers. Welcome to another episode of Topic Of The Day. For today's topic, I will discuss a recent casting update for the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming. Apparently, Robert Downey, Jr. is in talks to reprise his role as Iron Man. To me, that puts me in a dilemma as to whether or not I actually want to see this and I'll explain why.

First off, they don't even need Iron Man. If people see Spider-Man slinging away in the previews, they'll go no matter who is in it. Just as long as they see Spider-Man because the character sells. I fear that if Iron Man gets woven in somehow, it'll feel less like a solo Spider-Man movie which is something I want to see. I want to get to know more about these newer characters like Ant-Man, Black Panther, and even Spider-Man despite him technically not being a new character. To know more about these characters, I think one way to do that is to give them some breathing room in their own pictures.

Also, if you look at Robert Downey, Jr.'s upcoming slate of films, all he has on the horizon are Marvel movies. So to appear in another one after Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War, where he apparently was originally meant to have a cameo, makes RDJ seem a houseguest overstaying his welcome. Even if RDJ is the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you don't want to oversaturate your product. So to slowly pop in everyone's Marvel movies while earning significantly more then your fellow superheroes just screams ego to me.

Before RDJ was announced to be in talks for the film, Michael Keaton was circling the main villain role. But now, Keaton is no longer in talks. If Keaton ended up being in it, I would probably still go to see Keaton go from an interesting switch from DC to Marvel since he is course, known for being Batman. But if RDJ is in it and has a larger role, I probably will debate on whether or not I will go. In fact, I was unsure about seeing Captain America: Civil War at first because of RDJ. I have always enjoyed his portrayal of Iron Man. But I would've love to see him sit this one out and let the other heroes have their moment in the sun.

I'm guessing that maybe because they can do a Marvel movie without Iron Man, RDJ feels threatened by that idea and that's why he's appearing in other people's movies. Again, that's just a thought.

But to be fair, we don't know if this film takes place before or after Captain America: Civil War where Spider-Man first appears. So who knows if maybe it takes place before and Iron Man has a cameo where he recruits Spider-Man or after where he either has a cameo or more of a co-lead role. I'm hoping it takes place before, but we'll see what happens.

But what do you guys think? Are you still excited about Spider-Man: Homecoming or are you feeling that the MCU is starting to become the Downey Universe and all the heroes are starting to live in it? Please be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for reading!