Monday, April 18, 2016

Oscar Watch: Birth Of A Nation (2016)

Even though it is already April, they have released a trailer for what already may be a legitimate Oscar frontrunner. The trailer for the Sundance discovery Birth Of A Nation has just been posted and I think that based on the trailer alone, we might as well pencil it in for Best Picture.

To me, the trailer is a very intense experience. I liked the incorporation of the song "Strange Fruit" by Nina Simone that carried over the beginning of the trailer towards the middle. Also, as Nate Parker's big speech began to take place, the sound effects in the background got much louder as it progressed and that is another thing that makes the trailer so intense. That speech scene could be Parker's Oscar clip. I know it's a little soon to even go deep into what might be somebody's Oscar clip. But I think after that hashtag I'm tired of bringing up and because it depicts racism, I have firm believe that this one'll be penciled in to prevent that hashtag from trending.

But regardless of its Oscar chances, it looks like a great film and if it begins to get such buzz, let's hope that it's warranted and it's not just all hype or something people feel like they have to like.

Full trailer down below: