Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Oscar Watch: The Danish Girl (2015)

Hello, Bloggers, welcome to another episode of my Oscar Watch where I discuss trailers for upcoming Oscar contenders. For this post, I will delve into the trailer for the much buzzed about The Danish Girl. 

Before the trailer finally came out, I was really anticipating it. But for all the wrong reasons. I was dreading it. Not because it is about a transgendered woman. That doesn't bother me. But I am not a big Tom Hooper fan. I thought his win for The King's Speech was a crime against David Fincher and he did a competent job directing Les Miserables. Eddie Redmayne, I'm not too crazy about either.

So how did I feel after watching the trailer? Well, it feels like deja vu. It looks like a transgendered version of Theory of Everything which oddly enough starred Eddie Redmayne. I've also seen this kind of story before in the film Laurence Anyways directed by Xavier Dolan. That one was very inventive and done with such flare. Probably more flare than this one which looks more dreary. But I'm sure if it gets strong buzz in the festival circuit, then the different awards bodies will eat this movie up since it is very topical and timely with all the publicity surrounding Caitlyn Jenner and the legalization of gay marriage.

I do hope that I am wrong and it does wow me. But I'm still not very optimistic. Maybe my opinions towards the talent involved are clouding my judgment or maybe it really is deja vu and it just looks like a transgendered version of The Theory of Everything. With the LGBT films on the horizon in this year's awards season, I'm still the most pumped for Carol. If this gives me any reason to be at least intrigued, it is Alicia Vikander as the protagonist Einar Wegener's wife Gerda and Matthias Schoenarts who I loved in Rust and Bone. 

So those are my thoughts on the trailer for The Danish Girl. Please feel free to write your own thoughts in the comments section on whether you think it looks like a legitimate awards contender and if it just looks like a good film. Thanks for reading!

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