Saturday, October 4, 2014

Another 31 Days Of Halloween: May (2002)

                'May': A Potent Horror Gem With Its Own Originality And A Feeling Of Nostalgia
             I may have mentioned this before on previous reviews, but I am a major lover of independent cinema. Plenty of independent films have more original ideas and plenty of soul as well. May is definitely one of those films and is even a horror film worthy enough to be among the ranks of other modern-day classics.

      May follows the story of a veterinary assistant named May Canady (Angela Bettis) who was born with a lazy eye and has has trouble making friends. May's only friend has always been a doll named "Suzy", but that is until she meets a mechanic named Adam (Jeremy Sisto), who she loves for his hands. Eventually, as she has trouble bonding with him, she starts to believe that if you can't ever find a friend, you can make one, but with human body parts.

     First off, I have to give major praise to writer/director Lucky McKee for his original story. I thought the idea of a woman literally wanting to "make" her own friend was very interesting. It makes the film in general seem like a generous homage to Frankenstein and even Carrie since the main character is an outcast. It feels like an homage to those two without ripping from them wholesale.

     I also thought the performances were spectacular. Angela Bettis really shines as the titular character, who yearns to be loved yet is seemingly clueless as to why she has trouble making friends. Anna Faris is also in this film as a lesbian receptionist at May's vet hospital named Polly and she provides quite a bit of comic relief. It was very neat seeing her do a film like this since she is known for her comedic work, like in the Scary Movie franchise. I also thought Jeremy Sisto was endearing as Adam and he and Bettis have quite a bit of good chemistry. Normally, when reviewing a horror film, plenty of people never discuss the performances but here, the performances from the three leads are astounding and help drive the film as well as the story.


       Overall, May is an extremely unique gem in the horror genre that I believe should be more widely seen. Its story is a potent homage to films like Carrie and Frankenstein yet still stands on its own and the performances are the film's driving force as well.

        Would I Recommend It?:
       Absolutely. I've sung my praises for this film on a few lists I have made and I am singing my praises here. Try and find it online or rent it if there is a video store near you. Horror fans will be in for a treat.

Grade: A+

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