Sunday, October 5, 2014

Another 31 Days Of Halloween: Creep (2004)

                 An Atmospheric And 'Creepy' Piece Of Horror That Takes To A Rather Isolated Place

            I believe it was Stephen King who once said that the key to great scares is to keep the monster in the dark and never show us the face of the devil. Creep does this to some degree. However, is takes that concept and takes it to almost incredibly new and terrifying heights.

         Creep follows the story of a woman named Kate (Franka Potente) who is out and about in London, but falls asleep in a subway station. She is then trapped in the station, but it turns out that she is not alone as she finds herself fighting for her life against the mysterious hermit she is trapped with.

         First off, what makes this film so terrifying is the fact that it deals with a woman trapped all alone in the subway station. That whole idea of being alone and having to fend for yourself while facing this man who we rarely ever see on screen is simply just unnerving. When watching this movie, I was imagining how I would feel if I were in the main character's position and what I was thinking just left my skin crawling.

         I also really liked how we rarely ever see the face of the killer. Most of the film has him literally hiding in the shadows and it is left to our imaginations to wonder what he looks like up until the final resolution where we do find out what he looks like. But until then, he hides in the shadows and whenever we do see him dispatch his victims, we still don't see his face until the end. I don't want to give too much away, but just know that during that big reveal, it might get stuck into your head after the movie is over. Trust me, I almost had nightmares after watching this film. Just the whole thing with the main hero trapped in a locked train station with a villain we rarely see really makes for some inventive horror.


        Overall, Creep is an incredibly nightmarish venture into a rather realistic hell. The chills are just unnerving and after the film is over, it may leave you almost having or having nightmares. Once the film takes us into darkness, the lights don't flicker on until the film's actual end.

          Would I Recommend It?:
          Absolutely. If you are a die-hard horror fan, I would say put this HIGH on your watch list. This is a wonderful little foreign gem that I think deserves more viewership.

Rating: A

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