Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Another 31 Days Of Halloween: The Fog (1980)

                                             This 'Fog' Causes A Deadly Weather Forecast

Hello, Bloggers, welcome to Another 31 Days Of Halloween, where each day, I try to do one blog post pertaining to all things horror in the spirit of Halloween, of course. For my first review, I will discuss the bone-chilling masterpiece that is 1980's The Fog. 

*Note: Some of my reviews, like this one, may be shorter than others, depending on my load of schoolwork and whatever else may keep me busy.

         The Fog deals with a small California town that is celebrating its 100-year anniversary. However, the celebration slowly comes to a close once a bunch of lepers, who got cast out from that town into their own colony, rise from their watery graves to seek revenge for their deaths.

         The thing that I loved the most about this film has to be its simplicity. When they filmed the movie and the scenes with the fog, they used old fog machines to hide the monsters yet because we never see the monsters, it just makes the film more terrifying. It gives the viewer a feeling of helplessness and literally being lost in the fog. The fog is even in indication of the danger that will come, which enhances the film-watching experience in a way because once you see the fog and the characters get near it, you're like "No, don't go there". It's part of the joy of watching a horror film and brings for some thrilling suspense scenes.

         Another thing I liked and this is probably a potential spoiler, was how we almost never see the faces of the dead lepers. Just like with plenty other horror films back then, our mind would create what happens. We could create our picture of what these ghosts looks like. It is movies like this that are the reason why I love low-budget horror. Those films prove that you don't need a higher budget with cheap CGI to provide quality scares.


          Overall, The Fog is an atmospheric, chilling exercise on horror that succeeds thanks to its sheer simplicity. It is packed with suspense and traps you in the fog from the minute the horror starts to the minute it is over.

          Would I Recommend It?:
          To the horror fans, ABSOLUTELY. If you are a fan of ghost stories, or all horror films in general, put this high on your watch list. Plus, it is a John Carpenter film, and for those of you that are familiar with his work, that is very telling.

Grade: A



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