Thursday, October 9, 2014

Another 31 Days Of Halloween: Black Sheep (2006)

                                              'Black Sheep': So Baa-aa-d, It's Good
                 Not only are horror and comedy the two most subjective genres out there, but they are the two most difficult to pull off. So, I would imagine that making a horror-comedy is no easy task. But the makers of Black Sheep make it look so effortless since the film offers quite a bit of chills while still not taking itself too seriously, thus making such a fun ride.

          Black Sheep follows the story about an experiment gone horribly wrong once a mutant lamb is set free and infects a huge flock of sheep. Eventually, a man with a phobia of sheep named Henry (Nathan Meister) and his brother Angus (Peter Feeney) find themselves fighting for their lives in the midst of the violence of the lambs.

         First off, I loved the film's premise. The whole concept of a movie with killer sheep seems pretty out there, but the film doesn't mean to take itself too seriously. Although, there is the whole plot point of Henry trying to overcome his fear of sheep after a fatal accident that occurred in his childhood, so the script does have some humanistic touches. Plus, there are even a special kind of werewolves called "were-sheep" thrown into the mix. So, the film works with many different elements. It is a killer animal movie with werecreatures and is even a horror film with the main characters help up in a remote locale a la Night of the Living Dead. The whole story is just fascinating.

       Even though the film is a horror-comedy, I'll admit that the scenes where the sheep start attacking were pretty terrifying. It must've been the way the sheep in the film look. But watching the scenes where the sheep start aggressively lunging at the characters just almost made my skin crawl.


         Overall, Black Sheep is an inventive "splatstick" gem that is so baa-aaa-aa-d, it's good. It is like an homage to the old greats back then while it still manages to have its own story to tell.

          Would I Recommend It?:
         For certain people. If you like horror films and don't mind the disgustingness of them, then I would say absolutely. The film is quite graphic so I wouldn't say it is for everybody, but if that doesn't bother you, then I would say give it a watch. "Flock" to your nearest DVD store and grab it. You'll be in for a treat.