Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dream Cast: Which Avengers Should Appear On The Big Screen

Hello, Bloggers, even though The Avengers 2 doesn't come out until next year, I figured that, just for fun, I would attempt to cast a few Avengers I would at least love to see appear in this franchise or at least in their own films that we haven't seen thus far. Lets take a look:


So, Ant-Man, Vision, Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch, and I believe Wasp are all appearing on the big screen. But if there is one Avenger I would love to see get his own film, it is hands down Black Panther. As I recall, Stan Lee said a Black Panther movie is a go and I would say make it happen. There are rumblings of a Black Widow movie and most of the white male heroes have their own franchises, so why not shine a light on a black hero? If the Black Panther movie really does come to fruition, my cast pick would be David Oyelowo, who you might remember from The Butler, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Help, and will be seen in the upcoming Interstellar. He is a very terrific actor and fortunately is not too young yet yet not too old. Not only that, but he is an affordable choice and that is one thing to consider when picking their actors. Plus, he already has a background in sci-fi and in The Butler, he did play a member of the "Black Panthers". Could that be a possible foreshadowing?

Next up is somebody who I think should take part in an Avengers movie. That hero, or heroine, is Carol Danvers aka Ms. Marvel. Even though The Avengers has Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Maria Hill, I'm sure those three will want a little more company in terms of females on the team. Originally I went with Elizabeth Banks but she is a bit too old so I went with yet another actress that has a background in sci-fi, but on a smaller scale. That actress is known as Brit Marling. Not many people are too familiar with her since she is a very indie actress but I have seen her work in her debut feature Another Earth, which she was a brilliant in and since she wrote it, she has a very interesting eye for sci-fi. Like I said, she already has a background in science fiction, so it would be very neat to see her do that type of film on a larger scale. Plus, since Chris Evans might direct a future Marvel movie, Marling could easily write a future Marvel movie and bring her visual eye to mainstream viewers.

Those are only a few Avengers and there are plenty more that others would love to see brought to life like Doctor Strange, who will possibly be portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix (quite a casting choice). If there are any other Avengers you'd like to see be brought to life, please feel free to write your thoughts in the comments section and even say who you think should play each character. Thanks for reading!