Sunday, July 27, 2014

Retro Review: Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)


                           A Brilliant Actioner Where You Just Get 'Lost' In The Adventure
                    Up until I saw this and Star Wars, I haven't seen the works of Harrison Ford, which is odd because of the legend he has become and those are the two films that made him the legend he is today. However, after watching those two films, it is not hard to see how he has become the star he is today and after watching this film, it is easy to see how Steven Spielberg has become a versatile director of the blockbuster genre.
                 Raiders Of The Lost Ark follows the story of an architectural college professor named Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) who is sent on a mission to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant, which is an artifact that has been said to hold the key to human existence. However, he will have to fight off vicious Nazis and get to the Ark before they do.

               First off, I really liked the performance by Harrison Ford as Indy. I loved how even though Ford is the main star of the film and showcases quite a bit of charisma, he still showcases enough restraint to let his fellow actors give it their all and I liked that a lot. I also loved the chemistry between him and Karen Allen, who plays his feisty love interest Marion.

                But one thing that surprised me was how while there was action, there wasn't as much as I thought there would be. Although, it definitely didn't hurt the film at all. It was actually neat how they didn't incorporate a whole lot of action as we have scenes of suspense and even romance, so the story was able to become fleshed out and incorporate different genres. I will say that my favorite action scene is the one where Indy brings a gun to a knife fight and shoots the guy swinging around his big sword.

             Another thing that I thought was neat was how even though the film doesn't have a whole lot of settings, the people behind the film still really made the most out of it by focusing on its characters as well as the score used to fuel the action scenes, and the adventurous story. To me, that just shows that no matter how costly a film is, whatever matters is that you have a good idea and Raiders of the Lost Ark is certainly just that.


           Overall, Raiders of the Lost Ark is an adventurous tale with a multi-faceted story and an iconic hero brilliantly brought to life by Mr. Harrison Ford. It has a little something for everyone: suspense and action for the men and romance for the women. Much like how Star Wars has the essentials for a great sci-fi film, Raiders has the essentials for a great adventure film and I would put this one HIGH on your watch list. You'll be in for a treat when you watch this masterpiece.

Grade: A