Friday, July 11, 2014

2014 Progress Report

Hello, Bloggers, for this post, I will do something a little different that I got inspired to do after watching Richard Roeper do a video where he did a sort of 2014 mid-year report card for the films he saw this year so far. I will do the same thing except I am calling it my Progress Report, and I will take each film that I saw so far that came out this year from January to June and grade and rank each one. I will even include films that came out this year that I saw at my Sunday Cinema Club. Let's take a look:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: A potent blend of a superhero film and a political conspiracy thriller that really surpasses its original. A+

Le-Weekend: A hilarious and heartfelt gem that is a reminder of why I go to the movies in the first place and makes me want to visit Paris. A+

X-Men: Days of Future Past: One of the best entries into this franchise, if not THE best. It manages to incorporate new themes while staying true to the message from the comics about intolerance. A+

Transcendence: A thoughtful piece of sci-fi about the plausibility of the potential dangers of artificial intelligence that in my opinion, was more deserving than the lukewarm to negative reception it received. A

The Normal Heart: May be a TV movie, but I'm still counting it as a movie because I love it so much. It is a powerful telling of love that tugged with my heartstrings and made me open my eyes about the AIDS epidemic and made me want to make a difference after watching it. A

Godzilla: Quite a unique spin on the "monster movie" genre as it not only features bravura action scenes, but plays upon the idea of "God vs. nature". A-

Snowpiercer: Who knew an action film set only on a train could have such flare? A-

Edge of Tomorrow: This gem of a sci-fi film proves that Tom Cruise has still got it when it comes to carrying a film and bringing humor as well as emotional gravitas to his leading performances. B+

Divergent: A rare film adaptation that, dare I say it, manages to surpass its source material. I did really like the book, but I just thought the film was better and I do look forward to the sequel after I finish reading that as well. B+

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: While I did like the performances from a lot of the cast, and got some enjoyment from the action scenes, when it comes to storytelling, it just gets "tangled up in its own web". C+

Noah: Has some good performances and quite some amazing direction by Darren Aronofsky, but meh. C

The Lunchbox: It feels like I'm literally the only person that dislikes this movie. Apparently they see something I don't because almost nothing happens. It does gets points for originality, but that's all. Look at my review for more. D

So far, it is a pretty good year for movies and here is hoping that the next six months will be just good or better. I know the next film I am about to review is spectacular. Thanks for reading!