Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Topic Of The Day: Why Child Stars Go Bad

Hello, Bloggers, I figured that for today's Topic Of The Day, I would offer my own personal theory on a certain question: Why or how do child stars go bad? This is something that I thought of after I had a conversation with my family on Easter. Let's take a look at this question that is always asked.

So, I, along with my uncle who brought this up, feel that child stars who start off at such a young age become more messed up as they get older is because of how they get run by such excessive PR. Take for example, Justin Bieber. He got into the business when he was about 15 and since he blew up to global stardom, he has always been touring and doing concert after concert and probably attending talk show after talk show. With all that came a whole lot of media attention, eventually resulting in his feuds with his paparazzi, his troubles with the law, and overwhelming attention from his legions of fans known as "Beliebers". I'm sure that kind of attention is probably why many stars have their entourage on standby, which includes publicists, bodyguards, etc. That brings me to my next point. Since plenty of stars travel with their entourage wherever they go to satisfy their every need and make sure they're taken care of before a big show and such, some of the younger stars probably see their entourage more than they see their parents. Without parental guidance to keep them grounded, they find themselves free to do whatever and that doesn't always end up too well. I remember watching a recent interview on Ellen with Lindsay Lohan where Lohan said that when she was more famous, her mother kept advising her to move back home to New York and not in LA. When she was the hottest ticket in town, that was when the excessive paparazzi attention came into play, the lack of parents in sight, and access to whatever she wanted, which included drugs and alcohol, that led to her downfall. I'm not trying to add insult to injury, I am just stating why I think she went down the path of other child stars that came before her.

There are even child stars that never really had a childhood to begin with, like Michael Jackson. Jackson was thrust into show business since about the age of 10 and his life has always been about show business ever since. I am sure that is why he had his little "slumber parties" with younger boys. Not that I am condoning his behavior, but I think he was trying to recapture the feeling of being a kid again since he never really got to experience what it was like being a kid.

So, that is my theory as to why some child stars go down the wrong path as they grow older. If you feel differently and would like to add your own personal theory, or if you agree, then please feel free to write in the comments section. Thanks for reading!