Saturday, May 3, 2014

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

                                'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Slings A Web Of Complication

                    Normally, I don't really understand the difference between a plot and a story when it comes to film. But in a way, I have to thank The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for really making me understand that difference. It has helped me in a rather mixed and complicated way.

                   The Amazing Spider-Man 2 follows the main character Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield), who finds his life complicated as he tries to juggle both life as Spider-Man and his life with his girlfriend Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), living with his Aunt May (Sally Field), and school. Things begin to get even more complicated with the arrival of his old friend Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) and a new villain named Electro (Jamie Foxx).

                   What I Liked About It:
                  First off, I absolutely LOVED the actors in this. Andrew Garfield really lives and breathes the character of Spider-Man and he and Emma Stone have amazing chemistry as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. I also really liked the scenes between Garfield and Sally Field. The scenes they have give the film a rather emotional touch, as well as the scenes where Peter Parker tries to dig deep into the secrets of his parents. But the actors that really steal the show are Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan. Foxx is just outstanding as Electro, who starts off as a scientist who is invisible to those around him and just yearns to be needed and loved. As his character gets more evil, he actually becomes much more chilling. Dane DeHaan really shines as Harry Osborn and I can only hope that after his performance in this that the future is bright, and I mean BRIGHT, for this young discovery. He is just that amazing and he might having you thinking about his performance after the film is over.

                  I also liked how the action scenes were shot. Some of them were shot from Spider-Man's point of view like in the last one, but some of them were shot in slow motion, which gave them a rather interesting touch. The action in this film was actually a little better than the action in the first film.

                 What I Didn't Like About It:
               As I said before, the film has helped me realize what the difference between a plot and a story is. It does this because the film doesn't have too much of a story. The film mainly focuses on different plot points rather than a fully-developed story, to be honest. You see, while Captain America: The Winter Soldier was an entertaining film, it also had a story that makes the viewers think and also turns the film into a conspiracy thriller. This film hardly focuses on any themes to make it more humanistic. I will say this, though, it still had a better plot than Thor: The Dark World, and this film was much, MUCH better than that one. Some fans even say that this film was just a teaser for the upcoming Sinister Six movie, and I can see why as there are quite a bit of characters that are involved with the Sinister Six. I did sort of see the introduction of those characters as a build-up to the Sinister Six, but if anyone thinks this film is overcrowded, just wait until Batman vs. Superman comes out because that film is already overloaded with characters.

                Overall, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a highly entertaining film that in terms of its story, is "caught up in its own web". I would definitely recommend seeing this in theaters to get the full experience and because while it is problematic, it is a fun action flick. But, if you are going in expecting a superhero film that has a rather meaningful story, then you might be disappointed. It is definitely not one of the worst superhero movies I've seen, nor does it comes close, but it's not perfect.

Rating: 3/5