Saturday, January 25, 2014

Topic of the Day: Why I Think Amy Adams Will Upset Cate Blanchett For Best Actress

Hello, Bloggers. If you have been keeping up with the Oscar race like I have, you know that Cate Blanchett is the frontrunner for Best Actress since she won the Critics' Choice, Golden Globe, and SAG Award for Best Actress. But I feel that there will be an upset by Amy Adams and I will explain why:
   Amy Adams is the only nominee in her category that hasn't won yet. Not only that, but this is her 5th nomination, so she could very well benefit from having the overdue narrative. Plus, this is her 1st nomination for Best Actress. This might seem off-track, but one thing I noticed is that some actors that are usually nominated in the supporting categories win in the leading categories. For example, Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is usually a supporting actor, has more supporting than leading nods. But the one Oscar he won was for Best Actor for Capote. Also, Frances McDormand, who usually shifts between being a lead and supporting player also has more supporting nods, but the one Oscar she did win was for Best Actress for Fargo. So, I believe we might see this pattern continue. Plus, Adams  has the momentum of a Golden Globe win and Critics' Choice win. Although, I would definitely not be upset if Cate Blanchett actually did win because I thought she was as fantastic as Amy Adams was. So either way, this is a win-win scenario, I just figured I'd give my reasons why I think Adams will pull off an upset.