Saturday, May 4, 2013

Trailer Talk #3: Fast and Furious 6, White House Down, The Lone Ranger, Thor: The Dark World, R.I.P.D., Red 2

Hello, Bloggers, here is a new episode of Trailer Talk. Now, I saw Iron Man 3 last night, which I will post a review of very soon, and I picked four of the trailers I saw because two of them that they showed, I already reviewed, and those were the trailers for The Hangover: Part III and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. So I picked a couple trailers that I watched online. So, here we go:

Fast and Furious 6: First, we have Fast and Furious 6. Now, I am not the biggest fan of the Fast and the Furious series. I've only seen Fast Five, and thought that one was pretty decent and I was entertained, but these movies aren't really my cup of tea. They look cool and have good car chase scenes, but those are pretty much the film's selling points. I think I'm going to rent this one or watch it when it's on TV.

White House Down: Next is White House Down, starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. While the film does look pretty action-packed, I am not the biggest fan of the director: Roland Emmerich. Plus, the film doesn't seem to have much of a story. It just seems like an average blow-em-up hostage movie. I think I'm going to skip this one.
The Lone Ranger: Next, this is the trailer for the adaptation of The Lone Ranger. Now, this is a movie that looks like it has promise. It's got Johnny Depp, who is my favorite actor, Armie Hammer, who is an amazing young talent, and Helena Bonham Carter, who is an actress that never fails to impress me. Plus, it's a western and we rarely ever see those. I'm more than likely going to see this in theaters, and I think I'm going to take my grandmother to see this, as she loves Westerns and Johnny Depp.

Thor: The Dark World: Next is Thor: The Dark World. Now, after The Avengers was released, I have become psyched to see the subsequent Marvel movies, and I am definitely excited to see Thor: The Dark World. I loved the first one, and I love seeing Chris Hemsworth playing Thor. I am seeing this in theaters.

R.I.P.D.: Next up is the first trailer that I watched online, and that is the trailer for R.I.P.D., or Rest In Peace Department. When I first read what the movie was about, I was pretty intrigued, and when I first saw the trailer, it left me pretty interested. It's got Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, who are always good, and has a unique plot, involving a cop trying to solve his own murder. I might check this out in theaters.

Red 2: Last and certainly not least is the trailer for Red 2, another sequel on this segment. I can honestly say that I am really looking forward to this film, as I had a lot of fun with the first one. It's got the same cast and even has some new faces, such as the always-amazing Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones. I think I'll see this in theaters.

So, that was episode #3 of Trailer Talk, and I hope you all liked my reviews of the above previews. Episode #4 will come the next time I see a movie in theaters or depending on whether I watch some trailers before then. Until then, have a nice day!