Thursday, May 9, 2013

Top 10 Best and Top 5 Worst Movie Moms

Hello, Bloggers, in honor of Mother's Day, I figured I'd do a list of the top ten best movie moms, and the top 5 worst movie moms. Anyways, here we go:


10. Fantine from Les Miserables: Fantine may have made a few mistakes and doesn't exactly live an idealistic or dream-like lifestyle, but the mistakes she has made, resorting to prostitution in particular, she did to support her daughter. She is a character that over the years, has become an embodiment of devoted motherhood.

9. Melanie Freeland from Thirteen: Just like Fantine, Melanie doesn't exactly live in a perfect or idealistic household and has certainly made her fair share of mistakes, but one thing is certain: She really knows how to love her children. Even when they're on the verge of a breakdown, she'll step up and help them pull through.

8. Rosemary Penderghast from Easy A: Rosemary is a very cool mom because she is not only compassionate and witty, but she understands the rough parts about being a teenager. As her daughter Olive is explaining her newfound reputation at school to her, Rosemary is very sympathetic as she had a very similar reputation when she was her age.

7. Peg Boggs from Edward Scissorhands: Peg's love is so unconditional, that she sees a lonely, pale  man who has scissors for hands, says "I think you should just come home with me".. Pretty much sums it up right there.

6. Mrs. Weasley from the Harry Potter series: Mrs. Weasley is not only a good mother to her own children, but she is also a good motherly figure to Harry Potter, who lost his own mother when he was a baby. While she is normally sweet and bubbly, if you try to mess with one of her children, she'll have no problem using the "Avada Cavadra" curse on you.

5. Sarah Connor from Terminator 2: Judgment Day: Sarah Connor is pretty much the ultimate badass mom. Not just because of her muscles and use of guns, but because of how protective of her son she is. For example, at the climax of T2, when the T-1000 tortured Sarah to get her to reveal the location of her son, John, she didn't even care that she was being tortured as she wasn't going to tell him anyway. That's pretty badass.

4. Elaine Miller from Almost Famous: When it comes to mothers that are stern, Elaine really takes the cake, although she has good intentions as she just wants her children to go down the right track in life. Plus, despite her skepticism, she allows her son William to roam free with the rock-n-roll band Stillwater, but gives quite a lecture to the lead singer Russell Hammond, in order for him not to break her son's spirit.

3. Mrs. Parker from A Christmas Story: As her family goes through a somewhat chaotic Christmas season, Mrs. Parker is quite able to remain grounded. In the midst of events ranging from her husband's leg lamp, a pack of the neighbor's dogs barging into their house and her oldest son saying "The Queen Mother of All Dirty Words", she handles it all with great humility.

2. Leigh Anne Tuohy from The Blind Side: Leigh Anne Tuohy has a very unique motherly trait: She is graceful and her love is unconditional, but she also has a bit of ferocity to her. For example, when she first meets Michael, her adopted son, and sees him walking in the cold rainy weather with no coat and no hope, she steps out of the car and kindly asks him "Do you have a place to stay tonight?", he nods his head yes, but she says "Don't do you dare lie to me". As he then tells the truth by nodding his head no, she asks him to come with her and her family to stay the night, and she would eventually adopt him and love him as if he was her own child.

1. Mama Gump from Forrest Gump: Throughout the entire film, Mama Gump's wisdom affects her son Forrest whenever she is on or off screen. Whether Forrest is telling people words of advice that she always gave him, or whether she is there to remind him that he is no different than anyone else, despite his mental condition. Her words of wisdom are something that those who watch Forrest Gump can take with them as they go forward in life, or maybe even teach their own kids, and that is why Mama Gump is the best movie mom.

And now onto the top 5 moms that could use a parenting book or two...


5. Sara Fitzgerald from My Sister's Keeper: While Sara does change towards the end of the film, she still makes the list because of how she uses her youngest daughter, Anna, as a walking organ bank for her older terminally ill daughter Kate, and whenever they talk about Kate's health and what medical procedures to go through, she doesn't care about anyone else's opinion or voice, but her own. There was even a point in the film where her own husband threatened to divorce her.

4. Erica Sayers from Black Swan: Erica is pretty much the kind of mother that still treats her child like she's still a child, as she is always undressing her and cutting her toenails, and she almost NEVER gives her any privacy. She has very clingy and obsessive behavior that to me, is quite creepy.

3. Norma Bates from Psycho: Even though (*SPOILER ALERT*) we only see Norma's corpse at the very end of the film and her voice is heard, it was pretty clear that her son Norman had very severe "mommy issues". So severe, that she still quite possessive of her son, even in death. That's pretty messed up, folks.

2. Margaret White from Carrie: There is being a normal religious follower, and then there is being a religious zealot. Sadly for Carrie, her mother is the latter. Not only does Margaret try to shove her religion down her daughter's throat, but she is also quite physically abusive towards her. Not a very healthy combination, is it?

1. Mary Jones from Precious: To describe how horrible of a mother Mary is, I'll explain how she abuses her daughter: She lets her daughter's father rape her and impregnate her TWICE, uses her to collect welfare checks, always has her do the chores while she's lazily sitting on the couch smoking cigarettes, calls her every bad name in the book, is quite physically abusive, and even tries to drop a TV on her and her daughter's newborn baby. I wouldn't even classify Mary as a human being, but sadly, that's what she is and what's even sadder is there are mothers out there like her.
But I guess it's horrible mothers like her that really make us appreciate our own wonderful mothers.

So, if you agree or disagree with any of my choices for both of my lists, feel free to comment and let me know, and Happy Mother's Day! Peace!