Saturday, June 6, 2015

Review: Spy (2015)

                                   'Spy' Fulfills The Mission

          After watching this movie, I was able to realize one reason sequels are made: so that we can continue seeing a particular character's journey. That certainly applies here as I cross my fingers for a sequel to Spy because it was an absolute treat.

      Spy follows the story of a CIA agent named Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) who helps crack the best cases by aiding her partner Bradley Fine (Jude Law) through his earpiece and from her desk. But after being put in her desk for far too long, Cooper decides to finally get in on the action and take down a villainess named Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne) who knows the location of a powerful nuclear weapon.

     I'll start off with the performances. Melissa McCarthy delivers what might be her best comedic work to date and with Susan Cooper, creates a very authentic character as Cooper is someone who is timid at first when she finally escapes her desk, but still pursues this mission out of loyalty to her partner. Hopefully, we will see more of Susan's journeys in a sequel. Jason Statham is also in this as Ford, an agent who is a bit of a loose cannon. He and McCarthy have such hilarious chemistry and it was a real treat to see Jason Statham do a role like this. While we have seen him do action films where he delivers funny lines, we haven't really seen him do a full-on comedic role. One actress that really stole the show, in my opinion, was Rose Byrne as the main villain Rayna. I loved how she was so deadpan yet would occasionally lash out in a hysterical fit. There is also Miranda Hart, who also left quite an impression as Susan's stoic yet excited co-worker Nancy. Even Jude Law impressed as Susan's slightly arrogant partner Bradley. Quite an astounding comedic cast.

     Next, I'll get into the direction and writing by Paul Feig. I liked how he was able to incorporate different styles of comedy like physical with Jason Statham's character, deadpan with Rose Byrne and Miranda Hart's characters, and even some raunchy comedy. Not only that, but Melissa McCarthy incorporates all those different types into one colorful performance. Plus, since the film is a spy film, Feig still manages to focus on the spy movie elements with the typical tropes of the genre like the action scenes and twists and turns unfolding and such. I also loved how when the plot kicks into high gear with Susan going on her mission, the film just kept going and didn't drag in places.


      Overall, Spy is a comedy that delivers the laughs yet never loses sight of the conventions of the spy genre thanks to its high octane action and fast pacing. The performances all created one of the best ensembles of the year, the writing and direction by Paul Feig is very focused, and the laughs are present from start to finish.

       Would I Recommend It?:
       Absolutely. Whether you are a fan of Melissa McCarthy or not, I would recommend you check this one out.

Grade: A