Monday, June 8, 2015

FYC: Rose Byrne for Best Supporting Actress in "Spy"

Hello, Bloggers, since awards season is slowly approaching, I figured I'd create my own For Your Consideration posts for films that I feel are worthy of Oscar praise. My first FYC post is for Rose Byrne for her comedic work in Spy.

As I mentioned in my review, while Melissa McCarthy was funny as always, Rose Byrne was a true scene stealer as the main villain Rayna. Byrne nails her rather deadpan delivery as well as the character's spoiled and egotistical yet in over her head nature. The few outbursts she gives are also comedic gold.

Next, I'll get into what could be her Oscar clip if she were considered.

In that scene, where Rayna talks about her mother to Susan, she gets slightly heartfelt at first, but then in a subtle switch, reverts to her normal cattiness, yet still reveals how she isn't necessarily a one-dimensional psychopath. Doesn't mean she is all that wholesome, but she isn't void of emotion.

Rose Byrne is a very underrated actress that has proven she can be dramatic and more recently has shown her comedic prowess in films like Bridesmaids, Neighbors, The Internship, and now this. By giving her an awards push for her work in this, her comedic ability would finally be recognized, especially considering how difficult it is for one to have comedic timing.

So, to any Academy voter, critic, or member of 20th Century Fox Studios that may stumble across this, I strongly hope that you consider giving Byrne's performance, or even her film, an awards push, allowing a more outside of the box contender to be in the conversation. Last year, there was talk about the female acting categories being hard to fill, but that is because people weren't looking hard enough or looking outside the typical dramatic realm.

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