Friday, December 12, 2014

Oscars 2015: Checklist

Hello, Bloggers, so far, some of the different guilds have announced their nominations leading up to the Oscars and plenty of the critics circles are announcing their nominations and winners. So, I figured that in case you want to stay on top of things during this awards season, I created a little checklist that you can invisibly go back to and check off after you've seen each film. I'll start off with five criticals. Here we go:

____ Birdman: First and foremost, there is Birdman. That film scored the most SAG nominations with 4 (Best Ensemble, Best Actor/Supporting Actor & Actress). It also did very well at the Globes with about 7 nominations. Plus, Michael Keaton has been winning plenty of critics awards and is currently a frontunner to win Best Actor. If it is playing near you, try to go to the nearest theater.

____ Boyhood: Fortunately, this film is being released on DVD and Video On Demand because watching this film come Oscar time is critical. It is doing just as well as Birdman and has been winning almost every Best Picture award it is up for. Watch it whenever you can. This one is a must.

____ The Imitation Game: This one hasn't come out in a lot of theaters yet, but it is surely an awards player since it is a biopic set in WWII about a man persecuted for his homosexuality. This one is almost guaranteed to be an Oscar hopeful given the subject matter, so when it comes out, I would suggest seeing it.

____ Selma: Another biopic that is yet to be released, Selma has received plenty of traction during the awards season. It may have gotten shut out by the SAGs, but that might be because they didn't set screeners out in time. Similar thing happened with Django Unchained and Wolf of Wall Street. It may have one or two strikes against it since it might be cast under the shadow of 12 Years A Slave, which just won BP, and although Oprah Winfrey is involved, she had The Butler, which got snubbed by the Academy, but I would still suggest seeing it just to be safe.

____ Theory of Everything: When the SAGs nominate it for Best Ensemble despite it not really being an actor's movie, you can tell that the passion for this film is really there. This film is slowly getting wider in release and if you want to be more into the Oscar conversation, then this film is a must.

Next, I'll go into some films that may not be absolute safe bets to do well across the board, but I would suggest seeing just in case:

____ Foxcatcher: It has support from the SAGs and even managed to score a Best Picture nod at the Globes. Some have put this film as a big question mark as to whether it will get recognized across the board, but I would still suggest seeing it just in case.

____ Grand Budapest Hotel: Now this one has done very well across the board at the Golden Globes and managed to score an Ensemble nomination at the SAGs. Plus, it might score a Best Screenplay or even a Production Design nomination at the Oscars, but the one strike against it is its early release date. Although by its guild nominations, Fox Searchlight has been making sure it is remembered, so I would say try and check this one off.

____ Into The Woods: It'll more than likely score a nomination for Meryl Streep, as well as in some technical categories. It did manage to score Best Picture-Musical Or Comedy nod at the Globes, but that may be because they like to squeeze in a musical whenever it comes out. But who knows whether that nomination will be as far as it goes.

____ Whiplash: Now that there can be  9 to 10 nominees, the Academy leaves room for a little movie that could, which could be Boyhood this year, yet they also leave room for an edgy indie (Precious, Winter's Bone). That edgy indie might just be Whiplash. Also, J.K. Simmons is a strong frontrunner for Best Supporting Actor.

Now, here are a few films that may not have received a whole lot of precursor attention, with nods here and there at the Globes and SAGs or almost none, but are potential dark horses in this race.

____ American Sniper

____ Gone Girl

____ Inherent Vice

____ Interstellar

____ Nightcrawler

____ Unbroken

____ Wild

So, that is my little checklist I made for you folks, so that you can potentially have plenty of work done before Nomination Day. Good luck during this awards season and thanks for reading!

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