Wednesday, December 18, 2013

12 Movies of Christmas: Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Hello, Bloggers, for today's review, I will discuss one of my all time favorite movies and what I feel is the best movie from Tim Burton. Now, I said in my post where I said which movies I will review for the 12 Movies of Christmas, I said one of them was Toy Story, but I am reviewing this one in place of it. This film is Edward Scissorhands.

                  Edward Scissorhands is about an abnormal man named Edward (Johnny Depp) who has scissors for hands and lives in a castle up on the hill in his town. When his local Avon saleswoman named Peg Boggs (Dianne Wiest) comes to his house, she decides to take him home to her family down in suburbia. There, he falls in love with Peg's daughter Kim (Winona Ryder) and affects the lives of those in his neighborhood.

                  What I Liked About It:
                 Where do I begin here? First off, I liked how the film manages to find a happy medium with both comedy and drama. In the first off, it becomes a film that is light-hearted and somewhat of a comedy. But as the film progresses toward the second half, it becomes a heartbreaking drama. This film is also a phenomenal testament to Johnny Depp's acting abilities. I always knew he was a fantastic actor who disappears into his characters, but this is without a doubt is best performance. Yes, even better than the role that made him the star he is today: Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates series, which I also love a lot. He manages to convey a wide range of emotions, from fragile to happy, even when he speaks softly and is under pale makeup. He and Winona Ryder also have great chemistry when on screen.

                Also, I feel that, and I don't know if anyone else saw this, but I felt that this film had some elements from Beauty and the Beast, whereas it deals with a man who is almost monstrous looking on the outside, but has a soft heart. Plus, I thought it was neat how Tim Burton took a fantasy character and put him in a realistic setting and situations. The neighborhood that Edward goes to live in is very colorful, which contrasts to Edward's dark look, as he is very pale and wears black. Then, when he wears a white suit for most of the movie, it shows how he is blending in with his neighbors, or the bright colors of his society.

                 What I Didn't Like About It:                 Nothing.

                 Overall, Edward Scissorhands is a masterful fairy tale that I hope will become a timeless classic as the years go by. It's not only funny and light-hearted, but it also deeply dramatic and heartbreaking. *Just a heads up, there are points in the movie where you might cry. Anyhow, I would recommend this to anybody, not just because it is a great movie, but it is also one of my favorite movies.

Rating: 5/5