Monday, August 26, 2013

Topic Of The Day: Ben Affleck as Batman

Hello Bloggers, after the announcement that Ben Affleck has just been cast as Batman in the upcoming Superman/Batman movie, the Internet pretty much blew up and left some fans unsure of how to react, while others are petitioning to have the role recast. So I figured I'd share my thoughts on this casting decision. Here we go:

Even though I thought the casting decision of Ben Affleck was quite a shock, I don't think that he is a bad choice. One reason is his performance in the movie The Town, which is what this casting decision made me think of. In The Town, he plays a man who is charismatic yet has a secret life as a bank robber, and I think it would be interesting to see him play the charismatic yet tormented billionaire Bruce Wayne, who has a secret life as the brooding crime fighter named Batman. But whether or not Batman will appear as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Superman/Batman film remains to be seen. Also, I think he could easily pull off the right sharp tough look that I imagine Batman to have, and could do the Batman voice deep enough so it doesn't sound too harsh.

Now, I feel that this casting choice upset a lot of people because of a few reasons: a) because Christian Bale isn't coming back and even Christian Bale said that his Batman days are over, b) because of how Ben Affleck is seen as a poor actor, and c) because he already played a superhero when he made Daredevil, but that was poorly received. Now, I personally thought he did a fine job as Daredevil, and I say if he's given another shot at playing a superhero, why not let him take it?

So, to all the fans that are petitioning to have the role recast or are against this casting choice, I say that you remember when Michael Keaton was first cast as Batman back in the 80's. There were dozens of fans who petitioned to have the role recast, but when they saw the film, they praised his performance. So, it is possible the same thing could happen here, and I ask that you give Ben Affleck a chance because he could very well surprise you.

So, those are my thoughts on the casting decision of Ben Affleck as Batman. If you agree or feel differently, please feel free to write your own thoughts in the comments section, and thanks for reading!