Thursday, June 13, 2013

Trailer Talk #6: Insidious: Chapter 2, Machete Kills, 300: Rise of An Empire, Diana, Elysium, Runner, Runner

Hello, bloggers, Welcome to another episode of Trailer Talk. I haven't been to the movies in a while, so I haven't seen any new trailers in theaters, just online, and here are some that I've watched. Here we go:

Insidious: Chapter 2: First up is the trailer for the first sequel on this segment, Insidious: Chapter 2. Now, I saw the first one, and I thought it was a nice eerie homage to older horror films from the 70's. This one looks to have an old school feel also, but to the point that it looks campy and it's making me lose interest. I don't think I'll take a gamble and see this in theaters, but maybe when it's on TV.

Machete Kills: Next up is the second trailer on this segment, Machete Kills. Now, this one looks to have the same grindhouse feel that the first one has and that is making me interested in seeing this. Plus, it's got an interesting band of new actors, such as Sofia Vergara, Mel Gibson, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Charlie Sheen, who is going by his real name "Carlos Estevez", and even Lady GaGa. I worry that the excessive new band of characters will hurt the film, but one thing that I am certain the film will have is a lot of bloody violent action. I'll possibly check it out in theaters.

300: Rise Of An Empire: Next, is the third and final sequel on this segment, 300: Rise Of An Empire. Now, I wasn't too excited for this one before I saw the trailer, even though I enjoyed the first one, but this one looks pretty awesome. One reason is that it's got Eva Green, who is amazing in everything she does. It seems like she's playing another villain in this, but she's awesome at those types of roles. I especially like how this film seems to have female characters taking center stage, unlike the first one where the males take center stage, which definitely isn't a bad thing. I think what they are doing with this film is a good move because the sex appeal of the women will appeal to the men and women will love the "girl power" aspect so it could appeal to a wider audience. I might check this one out in theaters.

Diana: Next up, we have the trailer for the upcoming biopic Diana starring Naomi Watts as the title character. This biopic is about Princess Diana and how she would become a tabloid and celebrity darling, although that kind of attention would lead to her tragic end. I feel that this film will get a lot of Oscar love because it is being released towards the end of the year and it is a biopic which is one type of movie the Academy loves. I'm a bit unsure about seeing this one because I don't know too much about Princess Diana's story, so it's not really grabbing my attention. I mean, it is very sad what happened to her, but this film just isn't reaching out to me unlike those who are more familiar with her story than I am.

Elysium: Next up is the trailer for the sci-fi epic Elysium starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. It is also made by Neill Blomkamp, who also did District 9. It seems that he is taking a similar approach to what he did in District 9 in terms of both movies dealing with some type of social commentary. Except District 9 portrays racism without using race and Elysium deals with the collision of two social classes, the rich and the poor. I think because of the approach that Blomkamp is taking with both films, he is becoming one of the most creative directors in the film industry. Now, when I first heard about this film, I got excited because of the film's premise, and it's got A-listers Matt Damon and Jodie Foster who are good in everything I see them in. I think I'll see it in theaters.

Runner, Runner: Lastly is the trailer for Runner, Runner starring Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake. Now, while I do like both actors and the film features an interesting concept involving online gambling, I'm not too drawn in by this trailer. I'm not too sure why, but there is nothing about this film that makes me want to run out and see it. I feel that it'll attract a wide audience because Affleck and Timberlake are pretty solid box office draws, but maybe when the film comes out, I'll have a change of heart and decide to take a gamble and see it out of curiosity. But for now, it is a rental for me.

So, that was episode #6 of Trailer Talk, and I will post episode #7 either when I see my next film, which is potentially This Is The End, or when I see some new trailers online. But until then, have a good one, everyone!