Friday, June 7, 2013

Top 10 Best/Top 5 Worst Movie Dads

Hey there, Bloggers, in honor of Father's Day on June 16th, I figured I'd come up with a list of the top 10 Best and the Top 5 Worst Movie Dads, just like with what I did on Mother's Day when I did a list of the Top 10 Best and Top 5 Worst Movie Moms. Here we go:


10. Dr. John Dolittle from Dr.Dolittle: To me, John Dolittle is super cool because of his gifted ability to talk to animals. For any kid that's a die-hard animal lover, John must be their dream dad. He's even got a pretty good sense of humor.

9. Edward Bloom from Big Fish: While John Dolittle is cool because of his ability to talk to animals, Edward Bloom is cool because of the majestic stories that he tells. Not only that, but he got to live his stories and to tell them to his child who would tell the same stories to his own child who would continue the chain and tell the same stories to his friends is pretty neat.

8. Dill Penderghast from Easy A: I may already have Rosemary on my list of the best movie moms, but because Olive Penderghast's parents are so awesome, I couldn't help but put her father on this list. He's level-headed and very supporting, yet very witty. Even when his daughter undergoes a social turmoil, he shows a strong level of understanding.

7. Daniel Hillard from Mrs. Doubtfire: Now, a lot of people have him on their "Worst Movie Dads" list, but I think otherwise because dressing in drag in order to spend time with your own children isn't exactly an easy task. But Daniel does it and to me, that's pretty admirable.

6. Marlin from Finding Nemo: The only animated dad on this list, Marlin is a dad that is strict, but strict for understandable reasons as he at first fears the ocean but he eventually overcomes it as he goes through numerous obstacles as he tries to save his captured son.

5. Chris Gardner from The Pursuit of Happyness: Chris Gardner is a dad who is down on his luck as he loses both his apartment and his wife, and is broke. But the one thing that keeps pushing him forward is his undying love for his son. He even reminds his son never to let anyone tell him that he can't accomplish anything. He simply tells him: "If you want something, go get it. Period."

4. Bryan Mills from Taken: Just like how Sarah Connor is the ultimate badass mom, Bryan Mills is pretty much the ultimate badass dad. Once his daughter is taken, he has no problem killing anyone that gets in his way in order to get her back. He's like one of those vicious lions you see on Animal Planet: Mess with his cub, then he'll use his razor-sharp talons to claw off your face. Who knew the bad guys that took his daughter would feel the wrath of Schindler's Fist?

3. John Quincy Archibald from John Q.: John is a father who is really down on his luck, as his son is in desperate need of an operation or he will die, but his insurance will not cover it. So in order to get his son's name on the donor's list, he resorts to holding a hostage. If that's not a noble act to save the one you love, I don't know what is.

2. Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather: While Vito may be the head of the mafia, he is the epitome of a family man. He would do anything for his family, even going as far as to convincing a movie producer to cast his godson in his movie by having the producer's horse decapitated. Very gruesome act, I'll admit, but it just shows how much he loves his family.

1. Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird: Not only is Atticus Finch a heroic lawyer as he defends social outcasts and victims of prejudice, but he is also a model father. He is stern but loving and gives meaningful advice to his children. He not only serves as an inspiration for the people that live in his town, but for fathers everywhere, and that is why he is the best movie dad.

Now, onto the dads who couldn't care less if it was Father's Day....


5. Norman Osborn from Spider-Man: Norman Osborn is a father who never seemed to have time for his son, but to make matters worse, he becomes the Green Goblin and goes on a killing spree. He is such an *inspiration* to his son, that he follows his father's footsteps and becomes the new Green Goblin.

4.The Engineers from Prometheus: Seems like an odd choice, but the Engineers are essentially our original fathers. But they seem to want to kill us and we never know why. They seem to really live by the saying "We brought you into his world, now we're going to take you out".

3. Guy Woodhouse from Rosemary's Baby: While Rosemary's Baby is a film about the protagonist's pregnancy, it's Guy's actions to get his wife pregnant that solidify his inclusion on this list. Seems he was willing to have his wife carry the spawn of Satan and join his apartment's Satanist coven in exchange for a more successful acting career. Not very admirable.

2. Col. Frank Fitts from American Beauty: Now, this was a toss-up between Col. Frank Fitts and Lester Burnham from the same movie. But thinking about Fitts' actions, he makes Burnham look like Atticus Finch. Not only is he abusive to his son and his wife, but he manages to kill his son's girlfriend's father. So he not only beats up his own son, but he leaves his girlfriend fatherless. He got to ruin two lives for the price of one.

1. Jack Torrance from The Shining: This seemed like a pretty easy choice for number 1 simply because of his favorite activities with his son that include "Axe Chase Through the Maze In The Snow". Plus, there is trapping his family in a creepy motel for the winter even though he's a recovering alcoholic and staying there just made him suffer cabin fever. Doesn't seem to be the healthiest way to solve family problems, does it?

So, those are my lists of the top 10 best and the top 5 worst movie dads. If you agree or disagree with any of my choices, please feel free to comment or add any other suggestions to who you think should've made the list, and Happy Father's Day!