Saturday, June 15, 2013

Review: The Internship

                                              One Should Apply For This 'Internship'

              So, I said in my last Trailer Talk that I would possible do a review for This Is The End next, but my next movie, which is the next movie I've seen in theaters, not counting my Cinema Club screenings, that is The Internship. Honestly, I have to say I'm pretty glad that I saw this. When I saw the ads for it, I figured it would be funny because it has Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, but it was quite funny.

           The Internship is about two salesmen named Billy and Nick (Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson) who have just been unemployed and while Billy does a Google search, he gets the idea of applying them both for an internship at Google, despite their lack of technological and internet expertise.

           What I Liked About It:
          One thing that I really liked was the comedic chemistry between Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Like I said, they are two very funny actors and like in Wedding Crashers, they play off each other very well in this. I even liked the side characters a lot. Max Minghella, who plays the main antagonist Graham, plays a similar character to his in The Social Network, but his character in this is played more for laughs and he does provide some solid laughs. Dylan O'Brien, whom some of you may know as Stiles on the MTV series Teen Wolf, plays a sidekick who provides comedic relief like in Teen Wolf, but only in this, his humor is much more deadpan, which is honestly my favorite brand of humor. Rose Byrne does a fine job as Dana, Nick's love interest who is very career-minded but eventually gives in to Nick's attempts to date her. It was cool to see her play a serious role in The Place Beyond The Pines and then pull a complete 180 and play a comedic role in this. John Goodman has a small role but even he provides some laughs. It seems he's quickly becoming Hollywood's go-to guy for stealing the show in small 5-minute roles.

         What I Didn't Liked About It:
        Honestly, there were some things I wasn't too crazy about, like how the ending was predictable and there was a small conflict between the two protagonists that didn't last very long, but those are just nitpicks more than anything else. Still had fun with this movie.

        Overall, The Internship is a fun comedy with stellar hilarious performances from the cast. If you want to watch a film where you can turn your brain off and just laugh out loud and not have to try to find meaning to it, then I would recommend this movie.

Rating: 3.5/5