Saturday, March 22, 2014

Trailer Talk #14: Draft Day, Oculus, The Giver, The Quiet Ones, The Purge 2: Anarchy, The Maze Runner

Hello, Bloggers, I went and saw Divergent yesterday and I have a new set of trailers to review for you. A couple of the trailers I saw I actually reviewed already, so I'll discuss the ones I saw in the theaters that I haven't reviewed yet and one I saw online. Here we go:

Draft Day: First up is the trailer for the upcoming football drama Draft Day starring Kevin Costner. Now, I am not the biggest football fan, nor I am interested in what goes on with the football draft, so it seems less likely I will see this in theaters. Kevin Costner is pretty good and even though Jennifer Garner who co-stars is a great actress, she's never really been a big draw for me. But one scene in the trailer that I loved was with Ellen Burstyn, who calls Costner's character about she tweeted a news story. More than likely will catch this on TV.

Oculus: Next is the trailer for the horror film Oculus. Normally, I LOVE horror films, but this one just looks too confusing. I couldn't really make out what was going on and it was to the point that I just won't see this. I definitely won't see it in theaters anyway. But watch the trailer and see for yourself.

The Giver: Now onto another film I already know I will skip, which is the adaptation of the book The Giver. One thing that's weird is that even though I read the book back in middle school and I don't remember much of it, after watching the trailer, the film doesn't remind me at all of the book. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't faithful. I'm not sure, it's been a while since I read the book. But what I'm sure of is that I'm skipping this. Despite the fact that it has Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep of all people, I am going to 'give' my green benjamins to another movie.

The Quiet Ones: Onto a trailer for another horror film known as The Quiet Ones. Now, this movie looks scary! I don't know a whole lot about the story, but wow, does it have me sold. Plus, it stars Finnick Odair himself, Sam Claflin, so being a huge Hunger Games fan, that's definitely an added bonus. Hopefully, it plays near me because I'm not sure of how wide a release it will get.

The Purge 2: Anarchy: Now onto the only sequel on this list, The Purge 2: Anarchy. I sadly haven't seen the first one yet, but after watching the trailer for the sequel, I think it looks terrifying. It looks like it'll be terrifying yet action-packed. I was actually shaken when I was watching this trailer. That to me is an early sign of how great this might be. If I were to see this in theaters, I would watch the first one first.

The Maze Runner: Finally, is the trailer that I watched online for the upcoming adaptation of the book The Maze Runner. Before watching this trailer, I didn't know a whole lot about the book, but after watching the trailer, I now want to read the book. The film looks pretty intense and even stars Dylan O'Brien, who plays Stiles on Teen Wolf and although it's been a while since I saw that show, he's great in it. Plus, even though she's not in the trailer, it has Patricia Clarkson and she's always fantastic. I definitely want to check it out in theaters but I want to read the book first as I did with Divergent.

So, that was my new episode of Trailer Talk, and my next episode will come up either when I go to the movies again or when I watch more new trailers online or even both. Until then, thanks for reading!