Friday, April 5, 2013

Trailer Talk #1: You're Next, Scary Movie 5, The Conjuring, The Purge,This Is The End, Carrie

Hello Bloggers, I figured for my next post, I'd do something different than a normal review. Now, while I was leaving the theater after I saw Evil Dead, which I will post a review of soon, I had an idea of posting reviews of trailers I've watched before the movie, in a new segment called Trailer Talk. After I talk about each trailer, I will say whether or not I will see the film in theaters, rent it, or just skip it. For my first post, I'll start by doing reviews of trailers I saw when I saw Evil Dead, and here we go:

 You're Next: First, they showed the trailer for an upcoming horror film titled You're Next. Now, the movie has a very old-school title, but that's what I like about it. It deals with a very simple story about a home invasion and the title gives the film a very old-school feeling. I might check this one out.

Scary Movie 5: Next, I had the slight misfortune of watching the trailer for Scary Movie 5. As I have seen the first four films and thought they were funny, this one just doesn't look funny. I predict the critics will tear this movie to pieces, and i'm more than likely going to skip this one.

The Conjuring: Next, there is the trailer for The Conjuring, which is made by the makers of Saw and Insidious. While I'm not overly fond of haunted house movies, this one definitely looks promising, as it features a stellar cast which includes Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, and Ron Livingston. Plus, it looks pretty "f'in" scary! I think I'll see it in theaters.

The Purge: Next, there is the trailer for The Purge, which is another home invasion thriller, and stars Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey. Now, what really intrigues me about this film is the plot: The Purge is about the U.S. government and how they give criminals a 12-hour period to let off steam, so to speak. A hunted man is then let into a family's home, only for the family to be victims of a home invasion. It looks scary, original, and action-packed. I am definitely seeing this in the theaters!

This Is The End: Then, there is the trailer for This Is The End, an apocalyptic comedy which stars such funnymen as Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, Jonah Hill, and Craig Robinson, playing fictional versions of themselves. That alone is a good enough reason to see this film. Plus, it comes out seven days before my birthday:) It looks like something to see in theaters, so I probably will.

Carrie: Lastly, there is the trailer that got me the most excited, and that is the trailer for the remake of Carrie. First off, I am a HUGE fan of the original Carrie, and I will probably watch it before I go see this in theaters. Plus, I can't wait to see Chloe Grace Moretz play Carrie, and Julianne Moore play Carrie's mother Margaret. Even though it looks slightly different from the original, it definitely didn't bother me as I don't expect all remakes to be carbon copies of their original counterparts. But, this looks like it'll be amazing, and I especially loved the cover of the song "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" by The Shirelles that played at the end of the trailer. No doubt I will see this in theaters!

Well, those are the trailers I saw with Evil Dead, and for the most part I was impressed with them. I'll do my next "Trailer Talk" segment once I see my next movie, which is tentatively The Place Beyond The Pines. Catch ya later!